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19 Be Assertive

Being assertive is one of the best ways to develop high self-esteem. Assertiveness involves communicating your needs, wants, and boundaries clearly and respectfully while also respecting the needs and rights of others.

When we are assertive, we value ourselves and our needs. We are not afraid to speak up for ourselves, ask for what we want, and say no to things that are not in our best interests. This can help us establish healthy boundaries and create more fulfilling relationships at work and in our personal lives. However, many people struggle with assertiveness, often due to fear of conflict or a desire to please others. As a result, they may find it difficult to express themselves clearly or to stand up for their needs and boundaries.

Fortunately, assertiveness is a skill that can be learned and practiced. One way to develop this skill is to start small by practicing assertiveness in low-stakes situations. For example, you might try speaking up in a group meeting or politely declining an invitation that doesn’t interest you.

Another important aspect of assertiveness is learning to manage our emotions. When we communicate assertively, we want to do so in a calm and composed manner. This requires recognizing and managing our own feelings while also showing empathy and respect for the feelings of others.

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