7 Ways to Teach Yourself to Be an Optimist

You have a wonderful family, many true friends and a dream job. You exercise, eat whole foods and read a lot of books. You believe you are happy and live a great lifestyle, but when you have to solve any problems, your life doesn’t seem bright and happy. So let me ask you a little question. Do you overcome rough times without wrecking your nervous system? The problem is, we stay optimistic only when everything is going well, and become pessimistic once the problem appears. If it sounds familiar to you, read on to find out how to train yourself to be an optimist whatever happens in your life.

1 Are they better than me? No way

“Don’t compare yourself to others,” you hear it almost every day but can’t follow this rule. Comparison can ruin your self-esteem and prevent you from living the life you want. If someone seems to be more successful it doesn`t mean that you don’t deserve to be happy. Even billionaires have bad days, and have many problems to fix. You`re unique so be proud of that instead of indulging in someone`s advantages. Your luck is waiting for you; if you have to accomplish a hard task today, do it with a positive attitude and you won’t notice that it’s actually hard.

2 Get rid of negative words

Being an optimist means speak optimistically too. Avoid saying anything like “I can`t”,“It`s not a good time for that yet” or “I`m not good enough to do that.” When you say “I know I can”, “There`s nothing to prevent me from success in…” or “I have enough power to change my life,” you automatically train your mind to succeed.

3 Don’t be afraid of failure

Changing your attitude towards the situation is an important step to more optimistic and positive you. Don’t let the situation rule your life. If you can`t find a job, don’t be angry or upset because you risk finding any. Every failure is a blessing in disguise. When you accept it optimistically, you overcome it faster, without damaging your health.

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4 Start your day with a positive message

Write down some inspirational quotes to remind you that you should never give up. Start your morning by reading at least 5 positive quotes to get inspired to take action. Inspirational quotes are wonderful nuggets of wisdom condensed into two lines, which can help you train yourself to be an optimist.

5 Listen to positive music

Psychologists recommend listening to the positive music every morning. It gives you energy all day long and helps cope with stress more effectively. Music can really get deeply inside our soul and our thoughts so if you are trying to handle a tough situation, music will cheer you up and help keep your mental well-being healthy.

6 Love yourself

Optimists tend to love themselves and forgive themselves for everything they did in the past. Pessimists tend to dwell on their past mistakes and hate any flaw they have. Now it’s up to you to decide whether you want to be an optimist or a pessimist. If you choose the first option, fall in love with your flaws and habits. You can’t be perfect, no one is actually perfect. No matter how hard you try, you can’t change your height, birthmarks, the size of your feet and the shape of your face and body so why not stop worrying about those things.

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7 Enjoy your everyday life

Life is better when you enjoy it. The last but not least way to teach yourself to be an optimist is to learn how to enjoy your everyday life. Your daily life is not always fun and exciting. Oftentimes, you get stuck in a rut and give way to despair, which is why you don’t know exactly if you are a pessimist or an optimist. True optimists know how to enjoy a boring life so your task is to do the same.

Being an optimist isn`t as difficult as it may seem yet it requires some time and effort. You can read tons of positive books and spend tons of money on courses that promise to boost your positivity in a week/month, but you will never move away from pessimism if you don’t make positivity part of your everyday life. Are you ready to train yourself to be an optimist today?