Writing Website Content: Killer Titles That Increase Traffic

Oct 20, 2022

Writing killer titles for your web content pushes your site up the search rankings and increases web traffic. Effective online titles must help the search engines to understand your content and be interesting enough to attract readers.

In the old days of print all a newspaper headline needed to do was to make people curious enough to pick up the newspaper. Journalists used puns and irony to attract attention to their articles. This curiosity technique doesn’t work on-line as most people are searching for specific information. They don’t respond to surreal or unclear headlines that don’t offer to solve their immediate concerns. A newspaper headline only had to compete against a few others on the news-stand. On-line articles have millions of competitors.

Web titles need to speak directly to as many viewers as possible with dynamic adjectives and believable promises. Titles also need to let the search engines know exactly what the accompanying web content is about. Killer titles increase your web traffic by both engaging the reader and informing the search engines.


The heading of this article is an example of a killer on-line title. The first part speaks directly to the search engines and tells them that the text is about writing web content. The second half uses a dynamic adjective to grab attention and then promises to solve a common problem. Who doesn’t want to increase the amount of traffic to their website?

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When you start writing killer titles for web content always use a colon to divide the title into two parts. The first part is descriptive and designed to tell the search engines what the content is about. The second half engages the reader and offers to solve their problem.


Include the most important keyword in the first half of your killer title. If your content is about pet hairy caterpillars then make sure that the search engines know it. Put the keyword phrase “pet hairy caterpillars” in the title before the colon. Use the second half of the title to make the reader want to know more about pet hairy caterpillars. Keep your killer title below ten words as some search engines stop reading longer headings. This split-title technique helps you to focus on the dual nature of the killer on-line title. First, please the search engine and then draw in the reader. After a while the need for the colon disappears as your title-writing ability grows. This article could just as easily be titled “writing killer titles that increase traffic to your website” or “increase traffic to your website by writing killer titles.”


Killer on-line titles increase traffic to your website in two ways. More people will read your content, bookmark your website and recommend it on social networks. The search engines will reward your keyword-rich, relevant titles by pushing your website up the search rankings. The higher you appear in the rankings the more traffic you get.

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Write killer on-line titles and your traffic will increase as your website or blog rises up the search rankings. The more people that see your title the more readers you will get. Follow up on the promises in your killer titles and they will return to your website over and over again.