6 Red Flags You Two Are Not Equally Committed

Dec 22, 2016

Perhaps, you have already read about all the signs he is not committed to the relationship or he does not love you indeed. The question is, “Are you sure both of you (including you!) are equally committed?”

There are the times when the couple is happy and they believe they love each other and will live happily ever after, but then break up and have no idea what happened. It is all about mutual commitment, ladies. Read on to find out if you two are equally committed and see what you can change and improve.

1 One of you never compromises

Compromise is essential and it is not a sign of weakness. Both partners should compromise once in a while to maintain a healthy relationship. However, if one of you never compromises, even when you (or your partner) realize that you (he is) are wrong, it is a red flag.

If this is you who have trouble admitting your mistakes or giving in when the situation is getting worse, maybe it is time to change yourself? If this is your partner, talk to him and let him know that it is not fair that you are always the one who compromises.

2 Fears to fight

Unless you are in an abusive relationship, fighting is okay and it is impossible to live peacefully all the time. After all, you fight with your mom or sibling, but you never “break up,” right? If you are afraid to express your opinion or disagree with your partner’s one because he will leave you, it is a possible sign he is not equally committed and you know it.

On the contrary, if he is afraid to tell you a word when you are angry because he knows that you can leave him, are you sure you are committed? All couples fight occasionally, but only those who love each other stay together.

3 Always puts in a lot of effort

Do you feel like you are always the one who puts in all the efforts in building your relationship? Do you always text him first, arrange date nights, and choose a vacation destination just not to bother your significant other? Or, maybe you leave all those things for him to do, believing that he is a man so he must do the heavy job alone. Both of you should put efforts in the relationship if you want it to survive another year.

4 Blames

During the rough times, most of us tend to look for someone else to blame for the mischief. It is an easy way to justify yourself and get off the hook. In reality, unless it is a crime, no one is to blame. When in a relationship, both partners are guilty. If one of you does not realize this fact, it is a red flag you two are not equally committed.

5 It feels like you are trying to earn love

If you feel like you are trying too hard to earn his love, but he is never happy with you, you need to reconsider your relationship and stop bringing yourself down. Respect yourself and do not let him ruin your self-esteem. If you feel like he is trying to earn your love, though, try to be honest with yourself and decide whether you love him or not. People who love each other do not try to make it work, they just love.

6 Both of you have no friends

It is not because you need no one else in your life. It is because one of you believes that friends can ruin your relationship. If your partner prevents you from spending some time with your friends or you get angry when he wants to meet his, it is a sign that one of you is afraid of a possible breakup.

The solution? Realize that no one – literally – can ruin your relationship if it is built on love, trust, respect, and mutual commitment. When your relationship lacks those things, even your pet can become a reason of a breakup.

Commitment is not about spending all the time together. You both should have enough “me” and “we” times. It is about true love, high level of respect, and constant communication. If you do not enrich each other’s life, why do you stay together? Habit or fear of loneliness?