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4. El Presidente

El Presidente is also included into a classic cocktails list. A mysterious rum-based classic cocktail with a lot of origin stories, which moreover, can be prepared in different ways.

It is considered this classic cocktail is named for the two presidents of Cuba. It is more often dedicated to Gerardo Machado. Still, it is believed that it was invented in honor of Mario Garcia Menocal, who was elected to the post in 1913, 12 years before Machado.


  1. 2 parts rum;
  2. 1 part vermouth;
  3. 5 ml of grenadine;
  4. Ice cubes.

How to make El Presidente:

As with any classic cocktail, there are plenty of formulations for it. Combine vermouth, rum, and grenadine in a cocktail glass with ice cubes. Many prefer dry vermouth to make the cocktail seem less sugary. Orange zest can also be added to the glass.

Be careful, as many people think of grenadine as a raspberry liqueur. That is not correct. Grenadine is always made from pomegranates and not raspberry. Mixing these both up will mess up the drink.

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