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5. Daiquiri

The Daiquiri cocktail was born in Cuba but has become very popular and loved by many. It is generally accepted that the cocktail was invented by an American engineer who was in Cuba during the war with the Spaniards and named it after the Daiquiri beach near Santiago.


  1. White rum 60 ml;
  2. Sugar syrup 15 ml;
  3. Lime juice 30 ml;
  4. Ice cubes 200 g.

How to make Daiquiri:

All you need is one part of sugar syrup, two parts of lemon juice, and eight parts of white rum (Bacardi is recommended). Fill a shaker with above-mentioned ingredients. Add the ice cubes and whisk. Pour through a strainer into a chilled champagne saucer.

Some recipes of this popular classic cocktail still add fruit juices, such as orange juice, in addition to the traditional ingredients. However, because of its simple composition and original taste, it has a lot of admirers all over the globe.

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