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6. Sazerac

Sazerac is a classic strong alcoholic cocktail prepared based on cognac and bourbon. The mix got its name in honor of the cognac brand, which is famous in the southern United States and has left the arena today.

The reason Sazerac is mentioned in this list is because of the fact that it is one of the earliest cocktails to ever come around. Not a lot of people drink this drink anymore and not many people like it either.


  1. Cognac 40 ml;
  2. Bourbon 25 ml;
  3. Absinthe 10 ml;
  4. Peychaud’s Bitters 3 ml;
  5. Sugar (refined) 1 cube;
  6. Lemon peel;
  7. Ice.

How to make Sazerac:

You will need two glasses to get started. The first is “rox” or “old-fashioned.” The second is the one in which you will be mixing the cocktail.

Fill the rox to the top with ice cubes. Pour absinthe into it. You can also add a little water. Finally, cover the glass with a small plate. This is necessary to flavor the glass for serving.

Let’s keep moving. Put a sugar cube in the glass where you will make the cocktail. Soak it in Peychaud’s Bitters. Next, you need to melt the sugar in the glass. After, it is the turn of the cognac and bourbon.

Free the absinthe glass. Using a strainer or a sieve, strain the drink into a flavored rox. Decorate this classic cocktail to your taste, but it is customary to do it with lemon peel.

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