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8. Sidecar

Sidecar is a classic sour with a well-balanced taste. According to the most plausible legend, the cocktail was invented by the bartender of the Ritz Hotel in Paris, especially for his guest – an officer who took part in the First World War. The brave warrior came with a driver, sitting in a motorcycle sidecar, hence the name.


  1. Cognac 50 ml;
  2. Orange liqueur 20 ml;
  3. Lemon juice 20 ml;
  4. Sugar 10 grams (optional);
  5. Ice cubes.

How to make Sidecar:

For Sidecar, cognac must be high quality, as cheap homemade brandy spoils the classic cocktail. Also, use Cointreau or Triple Sec orange liqueur since other labels may skew the flavor.

Make a sugar rim on the glass by soaking the edges in lemon juice and dipping it in sugar. Next, mix cognac, liqueur, juice, and ice in a shaker, then pour the Sidecar through a strainer into the glass.

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