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9. Manhattan

Manhattan is also one of the top 20 classic cocktails. This classic cocktail has been around for about a hundred years. One of the world’s premier classic cocktails was coined by bartender Ian Marshal in the early 1870s at the New York Manhattan Club at a banquet in honor of US presidential candidate Samuel Tilden.


  1. Bourbon 60 ml;
  2. Red vermouth (Rosso) 30 ml;
  3. Angostura 2 ml;
  4. Cocktail cherry;
  5. Ice cubes.

How to make Manhattan:

Begin by filling the mixing glass and martini glass with ice cubes. Add bourbon, vermouth, and angostura to the mixing glass and mix thoroughly. Next, remove the ice from the martini glass and pour the cocktail through the strainer. Garnish with a cherry on top.

A dried fruit garnish can be served with the Manhattan cocktail as an appetizer.

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