6 Jumbo

You must know of a lot of famous elephants, and Jumbo was one of them. He was named so because of his size. He was an African Bush Elephant who was born in 1861. He was taken to a French zoo as an infant, where later, he was transferred to a British zoo. Jumbo’s caretaker would often give him a gallon of whiskey and believed that it was good for his health.

But one day, an American showman, Barnum, became interested in Jumbo and offered to sell him to Londoners, but at first, he received a strong refusal. Everyone, from ordinary people to parliamentarians and the queen herself, begged Barnum to give up the elephant for $100,000! However, Jumbo was later sold and exported to the USA. He died at the age of 24 and was 4 meters tall at the time of his death.