10 Most Enigmatic Places Around the World

Nov 22, 2019

As far as the mysterious and enigmatic places that are located around the world are concerned, there have been many theories that have tried to explain the phenomenon! There are many who believe that there were civilizations before us that were far more advanced and they created these sites using technology that is unknown to us (Thor much I say?). Then there are people who believe that there were no civilizations πŸ›οΈ before us and whatever mysteriously lies on our planet is actually given to us by astronauts (aliens) who came from outer space and are not actually part of the earth!

Then there is a third kind that says that none of the aforementioned is true and that these places actually have a ritual and religious background! I am still not convinced but nonetheless, these are places πŸ– that never fail to mesmerize and therefore the list! Keep reading to find out some of the most enigmatic and amazing places around the world!

1 Nazca Lines (Peru)

A lot of people have heard about the Nazca lines in Peru and they are the most known mysterious places in the world. A lot of people have actually questioned how lines as huge as these were etched onto the surface of the Earth because they were sure as hell do not look like something a normal human being can do!

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The Nazca Lines are one of the largest and most unusual forms of geoglyphs in the world! They are located exactly on the desert pampa and there are about 300 figures that are drawn with straight lines right onto the desert! All the visitors that have been there to date have given all sorts of explanations for the existence of these lines that range from the Olympics to astronauts to aliens to pop art but nothing entirely fits the sight that is worth witnessing!

2 Tiahuanacu (Bolivia)

It is located in Bolivia and is also known as Tiwanaku. The main reason for this place to generate curiosity is due to the fact that it is nearly 17000 years old. People believe that some sort of weird technology was used for this which does not exist anymore.

Although this much is pretty clear that in those days, this place was used as a religious center for ceremonies and stuff like that. It also is apparent that it was the center point of the culture of that region in those days! It baffles the mind that how such structures are still intact! The ancient people also built an old pyramid over there which is known as the Akapana!

3 Chichen Itza (Mexico)

Do you remember reading about the ancient civilization Mayas that is also known to have predicted the end of the world and as per them it should be the end of the year 2012! Well, Chichen Itza is one of the archeological sites that was created by them! There are several massive structures of rock that are present on that site and one of the more known ones is called the Temple of Kukulkan and the other one is known as the Temple of Warriors!

The most intriguing things are that upon these structures, there is a statue of the Rain God and it is believed that the Mayan people used to take the hearts (that were still beating by the way) and they used to place it on the rain god in some sort of religious ritual that they had! Chichen Itza is used to be the capital attraction back then and was built by the Itzaes of the Mayans!

4 The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

Another one of the most mysterious places on earth and the target of a lot of speculation are the Stone Spheres of Costa Rica. As far as archeology is concerned, this is the most mysterious of all discoveries. The phenomenon of strange rock balls being discovered randomly has been occurring since the 1930s and hundreds of them have been reported.

They come in all sizes ranging from small to large and varying from a few centimeters to as much as two meters in diameter! The rock that has been used for these spheres (which are manmade amazingly since some of them weigh as much as 16 tons) is granodiorite which is an igneous stone!

5 Underwater Ruins in Japan

Photo: instagram.com

In 1995, a swimmer plus a sports diver somehow ended up swimming farther long off the shore in Okinawa and discovered the underwater ruins! These ruins are known to be like 8000 years old and initially, a lot of people proclaimed that these were merely geographical structures that have been carved out by the running water but when on sight visits were made underwater, it was proven that it is indeed manmade!

The most prominent clue was the way the stairs were shaped and it is quite obvious that running water cannot shape stairs!

6 The Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx (Egypt)

The pyramids have been quite the center of attention for a while now. The fact that they were used to bury pharaohs and what not is pretty well-known; what is not known, however, is the date, construction methodology and the logical symbolism that they portray! This is what adds to the beauty and to the enchantment of these pyramids!

There are countless theories that have tried to explain the mystery involved in them but none of them is complete and each one has loopholes! Even the most common of visitors are awed by the magnificence of the great wonder and the mathematics that must have been involved in their construction!

7 Stonehenge (Great Britain)

This is one of those monuments that have always intrigued me to visit it at least once in my life! Stonehenge is located in the English County near Wiltshire.

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It was built-in 2500 BC which makes it quite old being remodeled and revised over and over again! No one is aware of the purpose but it is one famous prehistoric monument!

8 Easter Island (Chile)

This place is Chile is famous for the stone statues present over there. It is speculated that these statues, known as Moai, were part of an old worship ritual of the island. They have known to be carved between 1250 and 1500 CE!

The heaviest of these stone figures weighs about 86 tons. There were so many of them that hundreds were moved to the perimeter around the island on stone platforms!

9 Baalbeck (Lebanon)

This monumental arrangement of three temples was created by the Romans in 16 B.C. There are three temples, complete with three courtyards, and then there is this wall that encloses them. The wall that is touted to be built of some of the most humongous stones ever crafted by man! The largest of the blocks weigh 1000 tons and is known as the Stone of the Pregnant Woman.

10 Machu Picchu (Peru)

Known of being one of most preserved and well cared for cities of the Inca Empire, Machu Picchu in Peru has been a center of attraction from tourists from all over the world! It lay forgotten in the outskirts and was sort of rediscovered in 1911 by an archeologist by the name of Hiram Bingham.

As far as the modern archeological techniques are concerned, this place was built around 1450 CE and it was actually a safe haven for the ruler if Inca! This list does not have any particular ordering, in case you were wondering!