7 Unusual Places to Visit in Britain

Dec 3, 2016

Hands up if you love to travel. Yep, me too. I think that traveling is one of those pass times that many of us consider too much of a luxury to do too often. It seems that we often overlook how inexpensive and easy it can be.

We do not have to leave the country to find new territories to explore and interesting sights to see. I live in London and often get out and explore other areas of Britain. This scratches my travel itch and gives me plenty to blog about, without even having to dig out my passport, never mind the credit card.

Exploring Britain also gives me a huge sense of gratitude for the country I was lucky enough to be born in. Honestly, there is a lot of variety on our little island, and some really unusual places that will delight and inspire you. Allow me to take you on a whistle stop tour of seven unusual places I have been to, and one that has been on my ‘must visit’ list for too long.

1 Cannizaro Park, South West London

London is well known for its huge tourist attractions. But it is not all about Big Ben and the Thames. If you go out of the city center, we have some real hidden gems to explore.

Cannizaro Park is just south of Wimbledon Common. The park was part of the Duke of Cannizaro’s Estate, and became a public park in 1949; with grade II listed status due to some of the rare plants. With its high walled gardens and bird aviary, it has the look and feel of somewhere more far-flung and exotic than South West London.