3 Signs He Is Lying About Who He Is

Oct 17, 2022

Online dating is more than just chatting to someone online. You have to be aware that people online do lie. Not all online daters are liars, but you need to be cautious. You cannot forgo doing a little investigating about the person you’re talking to and hope to meet. This article outlines three signs that the man you’re talking to online might be lying about who he is.

1 He only has one or two photos to share

It’s important to not only see photos of the man you’re talking to online but also to do a webcam chat. Photo theft online is so common these days that you need to make sure you’re talking to who you really think you are. If he can send you a picture of himself right away holding a paper with your (or his) name on it, you can be sure it’s really him.

If he makes excuses as to why he cannot send you a picture or webcam chat, you’re probably dealing with someone who is lying about what they look like. Don’t be afraid to ask for proof of who you’re talking to. If he acts offended and makes you feel bad for asking, he’s probably being dishonest.

2 He lives within driving distance, but never has time to meet

If the man you’ve met online lives within driving distance, you should be able to meet. If he makes excuses as to why he cannot meet, chances are he doesn’t plan to ever meet you. No one is busy 24/7. Most people have a day off now and then or weekends. Consider all of the free time he spends chatting to you or talking on the phone. He’s not too busy during those times.

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3 He sounds too good to be true

If you look at all of the people who go public with being scammed by someone online, you’ll find the majority of them were talking to someone who sounded too good to be true. The chances of you meeting someone who is a model, actor, or wealthy businessman are slim to none. If you meet someone who says he is any of those things, do your research. You want to believe someone wouldn’t lie like that, but as you’ve probably seen it does happen a lot. Don’t simply assume that you won’t be a target.

Online dating requires patience and a lot of common sense. When things don’t add up don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t feel guilty about doing research on the person you’re talking to. It’s up to you to protect yourself as best you can.