4 Bad Dating Habits You Should Ditch Now

Oct 17, 2022

Dating isn’t easy, but it doesn’t need to be very difficult either. Everyone has their own rules. It’s important that you play by your rules and find out what is important to you. You need to know what you’re willing to put up with and what you aren’t. Don’t simply settle because other people are. Here are four bad dating habits that you should probably ditch now in order to make your dating life a little more successful.

1 You keep hoping things will get better

If you’ve been dating a man for a while, and you continue to mention things that bother you, but they never change, you are wasting your own time. Stop waiting for the things to miraculously change. If expressing your feelings and needs isn’t getting the point across, get out of the relationship. You deserve to have the things you want.

2 You play too-hard-to-get

Playing hard to get can be a good tactic to use if you want a guy to notice you. Guys love a chase. If you let him chase you, but never actually give in and let him take you out, then you’re playing too hard to get, and he’ll eventually give up and move on. You can’t expect a guy to chase you until you eventually decide to give in.

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3 You break up and make up every other week

A relationship where you are breaking up every other week only to make up again shortly after is an unstable relationship. The reasons for your frequent break-ups are probably silly. This is the kind of relationship that is filled with drama. If you want to make good relationship changes, this is a habit you must ditch today.

4 You move too fast

Even if you’ve talked online and on the phone for months before having your first real life date, you do not want to move too fast when you finally start dating. You may have connected well online and on the phone, but don’t expect the real life experience to be exactly the same.

You might know details about each other, but the real life experience will be a new experience. Don’t rush into talking about the strong feelings you have for each other. Don’t even mention all of the plans you made while talking on the phone late at night.

When you decide to ditch the bad dating habits you’ve been holding onto, you will find that you will have better relationships. You will more easily end relationships that aren’t working for you when you decide that bad habits aren’t worth your time. Do you have any of these bad dating habits?