10 Excitingly Addictive Android Games

We have all had bad experience with Android games, but it does not have to be like that all the time. Even the most expensive game available on Google Play might not be as interesting and addictive as a totally free game. There is another option too.

Freemium games have a few benefits, but choosing among the endless number of them is a time consuming process. In this article I have rounded up 10 super addictive Android games that will help you fight boredom, kill time and simply have some fun.

1 Diner Dynasty

Ever wanted to start a restaurant business? Diner Dynasty will show you how to do it. Make and sell tasty breakfasts, ice cream sundaes and pizzas in your own kitchen and save money for a new restaurant. You can build your own Diner Dynasty with adorable food trucks, top-notch restaurants and cafes.

Even though the game is incredibly interesting, it is not completely free. There are some in-app purchases to consider if you want to upgrade and tackle the whole game. But the free version is still great, so why to pay more?

2 Griddition – Math Puzzle

Griddition is an ideal game for people who love puzzle and math games. This is a brain boosting and thinking game that will make you create new strategies to accomplish over 190 levels. Earn trophies (there are more than 30) and brag rights along the way. Griddition is good for children too, yet no one will tell you that you are playing a game for kids. The sound effects and amazing animation will make the game fun to play. The game is not completely free. Like Diner Dynasty, it features in-all purchases.

3 You Must Escape

You Must Escape is a room escaping puzzle game that will tickle your brain and steal your time and boredom. The goal is to figure out how to open different doors and get into other rooms the adventure offers. You will have to find and combine different objects to solve the puzzles. Amazing themed rooms will make you keep playing the game for hours. New rooms are regularly added. Luckily, the game is absolutely free. No need to pay for anything.

4 Logic Dots

Logic Dots is another brain enhancing game that is incredibly simple and excitingly addictive. All you have to do is to figure out hidden dot shapes on the grid, ensuring that all rows and columns have the needed number of dots. There are no move limits or time limits. The hints are given in many puzzles, helping you tackle challenges faster. The game is not completely free. It has in-app purchases starting from $0.99.

5 Lep’s World

Remember Super Mario? Lep’s World is just like the game you enjoyed playing when you were a child. There are Lep’s World 2 and Lep’s World 3, so if you like the first version, you will have another one to play. There are 120 well-designed levels, 6 different world themes, fantastic graphics and 9 challenging enemies. The game offers in-app purchases, though you can start playing for free. Help your Lep find his gold as quickly as possible.

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6 Benji Bananas Adventures

One of my favorite games that is annoyingly addictive is Benji Bananas Adventures. I love the graphics and that cute monkey, but there is one negative thing that drives me crazy. Every time I fail the level – be it a second world or a third one – I have to start all over again. The game is definitely worth a try, and once you try, you will not stop, I promise! Explore the Jungle while having fun with its residents. The game is free with some cheap in-all purchases.

7 Fleeing Sheep

This one is a new release. Fleeing Sheep seems to be so simple, but in reality I have trouble saving my lamb’s life no matter how hard I try. It is a true challenge. You need to shy away from foxes to save your lamb’s life. Plus, you have to stay within a sheepfold. Give it a try and let me know how you manage to escape those foxes. I will appreciate any hint. The game is totally free and has no ads like most games have. So, why not challenge yourself right now?

8 Jungle Marble Blast

Jungle Marble Blast is another free, addictive Android game that does not require any special skills. Just earn as many scores as you can to get 3 stars and go to the next level. Making combos and chains is fun and challenging at the same time. The game helps to improve concentration, boost brain function and combat stress, and it is all for free without in-all purchases.

9 Swoopy Bird

Swoopy Bird is so challenging that you will forget about any problem you have in your life. Be it stress, tough day, loneliness or boredom, Swoopy Bird will help you forget about it and have tons of fun. I love the graphics and the fact that the game is absolutely free. But it is unbelievably challenging. All those hazards and obstacles make it hard to accomplish at least one level.

10 Flower House

Flower House gives you a wonderful opportunity to create weird and beautiful flower hybrids, and grow different types of exotic flowers. Being a florist is not a job; it is a hobby that makes others happy. After all, who doesn’t like flowers? Each flower you grow or create opens a new story to you.

If you are looking to become a florist, you can start learning about flowers by playing the Flower House game. Make colorful and beautiful bouquets and gift them to your family and friends. The game has in-app purchases, albeit the free version is fun too.

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I have played all of these games and now I am trying to tackle Fleeing Sheep and Swoopy Bird. If you have nothing to do or you just need an activity to pass time at the airport, choose one of these games and begin your challenge today. If you play some other games, please share them with us.