10 Popular Baby Girl Name Predictions for 2017

Apr 1, 2017

Is there anything more stressful than naming a baby girl? Okay, probably, but still, this princess who you love more than anything in the world will be attached to this one word for her entire life. You want this word – this name – to embody all that is beautiful.

You want people to hear this name and know that your child is precious and unique. You also want to put yourself in every bully’s shoes and make sure you have exhausted every possibility of how that name could be abused in the upcoming school years.

How to pick a name for your baby girl in 2017

For some people, naming boys is easier than naming girls. For my husband and I, it was the opposite. While we struggled to find boy names, we had lots of beautiful baby girl names to choose from. We wanted a name with a strong meaning, something unique and not high on the list of popular names, but not something too weird. And of course, we wanted something that sounded pretty to both of us, which is not exactly something you can quantify.

So what are your naming parameters? Are you looking for last names as first names? Classical names? Biblical names? Fairy Tale names? Spanish names? The parameters for finding awesome names are endless.

We used various phone apps to help us narrow down names and look through meanings. In the past, we have also used those great, baby name books, most of which have the heft of a dictionary. We have gone so far as to poll friends and family, asking for their favorite names or suggestions.

However, a lot of my friends have taken the opposite route, keeping their name picks a secret so as to avoid any negative input from well-meaning loved ones. This serves the double purpose of keeping those names from being stolen by other expecting parents. Like I said, naming babies is hard.

So, what are the names other parents have been choosing lately for their babies? This year, girl names like Olivia, Emma, Ava, Sophia, and Charlotte have been doing pretty well. Last year, most of those names were still on the list as well. So what can we expect for the next year 2017?

Well, probably some of the same popular top ten names we have seen recently which also includes Mia, Zoe, Madison, Isabella, and Amelia. But what else does drive favorite names and naming trends? It seems that name trends are started by names that we hear often.

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Might we possibly see Hillary start climbing the charts next year should she win the presidential election? Or even Chelsea? What about our favorite movies and television shows? Will names like Stephanie, DJ, and Michelle make a reappearance thanks to the popular throwback Fuller House?

Will we start seeing Belle or Emma become popular with the new version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast on the way? What about superhero names? Superheroes, especially the girls, are becoming more of a thing lately.

Thanks to the surging popularity of Supergirl and Wonder Woman, names like Kara and Diana might soon hit the top ten list of American baby girl names. Finally, on the heels of the summer Olympics in Rio, names from athletic superstars like Gabby and Simone might start popping up more often on birth certificates.

The truth is, we do not really know which names will end up hitting the popularity list but based on the cultural stimuli present, we can manage a pretty good guess. Sometimes all it takes is a new British princess to put a name on the top ten list, and while other times an overly popular new Disney Princess can completely kill a name’s popularity or potential.

Baby Girl Name Predictions for 2017

I am no expert, but I do love choosing baby girl names. So, based on the trends from this year and last year and with the help of websites such as BabyCenter, Nameberry, and the Social Security Administration, I mm going to make my prediction of the top 10 baby girl names 2017:

  1. Charlotte
  2. Ava
  3. Adele
  4. Emma
  5. Hope
  6. Mia
  7. Sofia
  8. Piper
  9. Hilary
  10. Olivia

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What do you think? Is this list of baby girl names 2017 a winner or am I completely off target? And how do you go about naming your babies? Do you tend towards picking popular names for your babies or do you prefer unique, one of a kind names? Are your preferences currently within the popular names listed above or in a different sphere entirely?