50 Most Popular Baby Girl Names 2015

When you are a mom-to-be and you have just found out that it’s a baby girl, the first thing you probably want to do is to choose the most unique or beautiful name for her. Although in some countries choosing a baby name before birth is a bad sign, in my opinion, it will never hurt to read the list of the most popular names for babies. Today we’re on a journey to discovering the most popular baby girl names in 2015. According to Nameberry’s list, this year parents choose both usual and unusual names for girls – from Alina and Veronica to Bea and Tallulah, every other name astonishes more and more.

Baby girl names have always been gorgeous and versatile. One name can have a lot of mini names and nicknames, such as Katherine, Elizabeth and Anna. However, there are certain names that don’t change, no matter how you twist it.

Lists of baby names are always fun to explore. You can choose an amazingly unique name for your little princess or check out if your daughter’s or yours name is on the list. Some moms-to-be usually know how to call their babies – after dad, grandma, grandpa or sibling, while other mommies rack their brains over it.

This year, some of the most popular baby girl names end in “lle” such as Estelle, Lucille, and Mireille, in “ia” such as Alaia, Alessia, Alivia, Gaia, and Kaia, as well as in “ine” like Aveline, and “on” like Emerson and Peyton. There are also some nature-inspired and colorful names like Primrose and Bryony. But probably the most unusual name is Asha. I think, the list doesn’t contain traditional names that we hear every day, though it all depends on where you live. So, parents-to-be, here’s the list of 50 most popular baby girl names to choose from:

Popular baby girl names

  1. Adalyn
  2. Ainsley
  3. Alaia
  4. Alessia
  5. Alina
  6. Alivia
  7. Amoret
  8. Asha
  9. Augusta
  10. Aveline
  11. Bea
  12. Betty
  13. Brooke
  14. Bryony
  15. Camila
  16. Eira
  17. Eleanora
  18. Ellen
  19. Emerson
  20. Estelle
  21. Everly
  22. Gaia
  23. Indie
  24. Ione
  25. Isobel
  26. Jocelyn
  27. Judith
  28. Kaia
  29. Kalila
  30. Liliana
  31. Lucille
  32. Marin
  33. Marley
  34. Meilani
  35. Mireille
  36. Norah
  37. Orla
  38. Paloma
  39. Pandora
  40. Peyton
  41. Polly
  42. Primrose
  43. Remi
  44. Ruth
  45. Sasha
  46. Tallulah
  47. Teagan
  48. Tove
  49. Vanessa
  50. Veronica

Sure, there are many other beautiful names. It’s difficult to choose the best one but it’s your princess – she deserves to have an amazing name that she will be proud of when she will grow up. It’s well known that a name plays a crucial role in our personality and in our life, which is why deciding on your baby girl’s name doesn’t have to be a quick decision. Oftentimes parents choose unusual names like London, Autumn, India, or Dallas (these were among the popular names in 2014) without thinking about how their children will live with those names. There’s nothing wrong with those names, but, in my opinion, these are not baby girl names.

How to choose foreign name for baby girl

Parents-to-be should realize that their baby names should sound easily and beautifully so that other kids could pronounce your child’s name. When choosing foreign names, it’s important to find out more information about their origins and nicknames. For example, if you’d like to choose the name Sasha, you might want to know that it’s actually popular Russian name – full name Alexandra, and it’s typically boy’s name – Alexandr. Or, let’s take Pandora. It’s a fantastic name of the first mortal woman created by Zeus and sent to earth with a box of evils. If someone opens Pandora’s box, the earth will be infected by the evils. Of course, it’s a myth, but still every time I hear this name, the myth comes to my mind.

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When traveling around the world, we hear different names that have different origins. Regardless of which name you’ll choose for your little princess, make sure both you and your husband love this name. It doesn’t have to be a choice of one. Well, mommies, is your child’s name on the list? If you are having a boy, a list of the most popular baby boy names will be posted in a few days.