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32. Baby Bingo

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Each guest receives a bingo sheet with 5-by-5 squares. Players fill the squares with typical baby gifts before the presents are opened. When the mom-to-be opens a gift that matches one of the squares, an X might appear on the bingo card. The player with the first row of five squares on the card wins.

This is an excellent way to spark conversation and entertain guests during the shower gift opening. Add some fun prizes, and you will have an unforgettable baby shower! Be sure, this one of the brilliant baby shower games will bring you and your guests a lot of fun.

When it comes to a baby shower, it’s best to go with what feels right. Many parents-to-be skip baby showers because they think they have no money to celebrate. In reality, such a party can help you a lot. Just come up with some frugal and brilliant baby shower game ideas, and I hope these 32 ideas will help you. Any other ideas to share?

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