40 Absolute Brilliant Baby Shower Games

Nov 7, 2023

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As with any party, the best baby shower parties are the ones where time flies by. And nothing will do that better than a few well-chosen games for newborns. Whether you are the guest of honor or the party host, a little extra planning before the party will make your baby shower memorable. So celebrate your baby’s arrival with these 32 absolute best baby shower games.

1. Ice Baby

Photo credit: pinterest.com

It is a classic at a baby shower that’s easy enough to pull off. Put tiny plastic baby dolls in a cube, fill them with water, and freeze them. Then, give each guest this ice cube to melt it. The goal of this game is to melt the ice and get the plastic baby out – any way possible.

Players can put ice cubes in their hands, rub them, put them in their mouths, or do anything else to melt ice. A general tip is to have plenty of napkins or kitchen towels to wipe the water off the floor. It can get a little messy.

2. Find the Guest

Photo credit: pinterest.com

The best baby shower games encourage your guests to socialize and get to know each other. Make a list of fun facts that relate to many of your guests. Each guest will have to get to know each other quickly to find people who meet the criteria. The person who can note the most significant number of fun facts wins.

It’s a brilliant baby shower game because it encourages everyone to connect and open up to each other in new ways. Be sure, it will be amazing to hear how people who had been friends for years learned new things about each other.

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