10 Absolute Brilliant Baby Shower Games

Nov 12, 2015

Hosting a baby shower? A new baby is a great excuse for a fun party. Perhaps you already have baby shower invitations, baby shower favors, baby shower food and decorations, but have you decided on baby shower activities? Whether you’re the guest of honor or the host, a little extra planning before the party will make your baby shower the most memorable event ever. Celebrate the new arrival with these 10 absolute best baby shower games. No more Dirty Diapers! Only fun games!

1 Guess the Baby Food

If none or few of your guests have kids, the Guess the Baby Food game is exactly what you need. Buy as many unique flavors of baby food jars as possible for your guests to sample and name the ingredient list. Don’t forget to tear off the labels. If you have time, you can save on this game by making your own baby food. There are lots of easy recipes online and some of them don’t require complicated ingredients.

2 Diaper Raffle

If you’re hosting a baby shower for the expectant parents, or you know you can’t afford to buy diapers when your baby arrives, the Diaper Raffle game is a wonderful opportunity to stock up on diapers for free. When sending your baby shower invitations, let the guests know that they can take part in a raffle and win a cute prize. Those who want to take part in it should bring some packages of diapers. The more diapers, the biggest chance to win!

3 Place the Baby on the Mommy

This one is a classic baby shower game that will make everyone laugh. Blow up a big poster-sized picture of a pregnant woman and several cutout pictures of a baby, depending on how many guests you will have. Blindfold your guests and ask them to pin the baby on the mother as closer as possible. The winner is a person whose baby picture is the closest to the belly.

4 Nipple Bobbing

Nipple bobbing, also known as bobbing for nipples, is a fun alternative to bobbing for apples. The rules are the same. The only difference is that you use nipples instead of apples. The person who will get the most nipples will get your prize. If you have a great number of guests, it’s best to divide them into 2-3 teams. It’s gonna be a fun contest!

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5 Baby Items in the Bag

Test your guests’ brains and knowledge by playing the Baby Items in the Bag game. Get a diaper bag and put the most useful and popular baby items in it. They don’t have to be expensive. Nipple, baby bottle, bib, rattle, diaper, baby socks are all perfect items that you can use. Give each guest a piece of paper and pen and pass the diaper bag around so that they could identify the items. They’re not allowed to open the bag. All they can do is stick a hand inside and identify the items.

6 Feed the Baby

The big baby, actually. Have a few couples to feed each other baby food. Of course, you will need to blindfold them to make the game funnier. The couple that will spill and dribble less food will win. While many opt for applesauce, you can buy or make any baby-friendly meal. If you have many couples, clock the time to see the winner.

7 Suck the Bottles Dry

This game will challenge your guests and help them recollect their early years that they actually don’t remember. Anyway, everyone – from kids to adults – will have tons of fun! Fill several baby bottles with beer, tea, coffee, juice or any other drink you know your guests will love. Give each guest a bottle of their choice and see who will suck the bottle dry first. You can clock the time if needed.

8 Gender Reveal Voting

Perhaps you already know whether it’s a girl or a boy, but hopefully, your guests have no idea. Hold the Gender Reveal Voting to see who’s right. Maybe it’s a baby boy or a baby girl. Or twins. Make a voting booth with ballots to cast votes. Once the voting is over, ask some of your guests to help you count the votes. This is a wonderful way to announce your baby’s gender.

9 Name That Baby

If you have no idea how to name your baby, let your guests help you. A baby shower isn’t about food and drink, it’s about sharing words of wisdom, ideas, tips and suggestions. Give each guest a piece of paper and pen and ask to write about how they want to name your baby. Read aloud and see if there’s some unique name for your future child.

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10 Fun Diaper Messages

The diaper changing sessions are endlessly boring for new moms. If you are going to have the diaper raffle game, or you have many diapers at home, ask your guests to write fun and inspiring messages on them. This is a thoughtful way to make a new mom smile when she will be sleepy and tired in the middle of the night.

When it comes to a baby shower, it’s best to go with what feels right. You don’t have to throw a party before birth. You can do it in a month after birth. Many parents-to-be skip baby showers because they think they have no money for celebrating. In reality, such a party can help you a lot. Just come up with some frugal and smart baby shower game ideas, and I hope that these 10 ideas will help you. Any other ideas to share?