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41FAQ About Children’s Games

Do You Eat First or Play Games First at a Baby Shower?

At the beginning of a baby shower, allow time for guests to arrive, eat and get to know each other before the games and entertainment begin. Then you can start entertaining and the remaining time should be spent on the cake and opening gifts.

How Many Hours Should a Baby Shower Be?

Usually, a baby shower lasts about two hours. After that, it’s all individual, but generally, that’s enough time to eat, talk, play games, and watch the mom-to-be open her presents.

How Many Games Should Be Played at a Baby Shower?

For a baby shower, two to four games are usually enough – especially if you have a lot of guests. Besides, you have to leave time for food and opening presents.

How Do You Choose the Right Games for a Baby Shower?

To choose the right games for a baby shower, consider the event’s theme and the parent-to-be’s interests. Think about the age range of the guests attending the party and ensure the games are suitable for all.

Can Baby Shower Games be Modified for Virtual Baby Showers?

Yes, baby shower games can be modified for virtual baby showers by using online video conferencing platforms and virtual game templates. Many traditional baby shower games can be adapted for virtual events, and new games specifically designed for virtual events are also available. Virtual baby shower games can provide a fun and interactive way to bring guests together, regardless of location.

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