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40. Baby Advice Cards

Photo credit: pinterest.com

You can also play at a baby shower with Baby Advice Cards. The host provides each guest with blank cards or small sheets of paper to play this game. Guests are then asked to write their best advice for the new parents. This could include practical tips for raising a baby, words of wisdom, or funny anecdotes.

Once all the guests have completed their advice cards, they are collected and given to the parents-to-be. The new parents can then read through all the advice and take away any helpful tips or words of wisdom they find most valuable.

Baby Advice Cards is an excellent game because it not only adds some fun to the baby shower but also provides a meaningful keepsake for new parents. They can look back on the advice cards as a reminder of the love and support they received during this time.

When it comes to a baby shower, it’s best to go with what feels right. Many parents-to-be skip baby showers because they think they have no money to celebrate. In reality, such a party can help you a lot. Just come up with some frugal and brilliant baby shower game ideas, and I hope these 32 ideas will help you. Any other ideas to share?

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