50 Most Popular Baby Boy Names 2023

First of all, congrats on your new baby boy! Being a mom is a huge responsibility. You need to think of the most unique name for your little boy among many important things to accomplish as a new mom. You probably already read about the most popular baby girl names, and now, as I promised, we’ll discuss the most popular boy names.

John, Michael, Justin, Andrew, Josh, Christopher, Ryan, etc., are all timeless and wonderful names, but are they truly unique? I don’t think so. It’s so annoying when your son comes back home from school and says that a teacher again confused him, Josh, with another Josh. Or, when you are in the workplace and there are three Andrew(s). There’s nothing wrong with that, but still, your boss may have trouble remembering you exactly, not that Andrew is next to you in the office.

Nowadays, everyone strives to stand out from the crowd, so I think this desire will be stronger in 15-20 years when your son is almost grown-up. When naming your boy today, consider his future too. Choose the name that he will be proud of and thankful for in his 20s. The Nameberry’s list of the most popular boy names will hopefully help you make a decision.

This year, 2-3 letter boy names have been steadily gaining in popularity. For example, Asa, Pax, Cy, and Zed are relatively unusual boy names. Some of the most popular names end in “on” like Kingston, Cameron, Colton, Paxton, Jameson, Hudson, Greyson, Leon, and Easton, in “an” like Evan, Logan, and Harlan, as well as in “en” like Owen, Brecken, Kellen, Callen, Cohen, Warren, and Reuben. Actually, there are a lot of incredible baby boy names, and here are the 50 most popular ones in 2023:

Baby boy names

  1. Kingston
  2. Evan
  3. Owen
  4. Rhett
  5. Logan
  6. Cameron
  7. Brecken
  8. Colton
  9. Adam
  10. Angus
  11. Asa
  12. Ellis
  13. Osias
  14. Landry
  15. Callen
  16. Kellen
  17. Leif
  18. Cohen
  19. Pax
  20. Marshall
  21. Paxton
  22. Cole
  23. Austin
  24. Quade
  25. Chester
  26. Killian
  27. Warren
  28. Jameson
  29. Nathaniel
  30. Marius
  31. Calvin
  32. Greyson
  33. Hudson
  34. Lucian
  35. Zed
  36. Reuben
  37. Cy
  38. Leon
  39. Booker
  40. Augustine
  41. Ash
  42. Amias
  43. Easton
  44. Ignatius
  45. Chase
  46. Quentin
  47. Grey
  48. Luca
  49. Arlo
  50. Harlan

When it comes to naming babies, it’s critical that parents don’t overdo it. Unique names are rare and beautiful, but unfortunately, not everyone understands them. Many people make fun of those who have unusual names. Keep this fact in mind when naming your child. Choose his name carefully so that no one could ever laugh at your child’s name. Avoid names that people hate, like Jayden. Avoid famous names like Einstein or Harvard – it’s hard for a boy to live with a famous name.

How to pick a name for your boy

When naming your boy, consider his initials too so that he won’t have WAR, JAR, RIP, or GOD. Moreover, try to play the rhyme game so that no one can do it in the future – Brody is grody, isn’t that fun? Mercedes, Lucifer, and Washington are unique and unusual names, but they are not incredible. In short, consider the smallest details because your boy’s name will play a crucial role in his life.

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This list isn’t perfect, of course, but it does contain some awesome names to choose from. If you check out other lists, you can find many other names for your son. I bet you already know how to name your boy, you simply want to make sure that the name you chose is the best one. Besides, would you like to share your son’s name? Maybe you have your own list to share with other moms-to-be?