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34. Guess the Baby Item

Photo credit: pinterest.com

One of the most classic and fun baby shower games is “Guess the Baby Item.” This game is simple, entertaining, and perfect for any baby shower. To play this game, fill a bag with a variety of baby items such as diapers, pacifiers, bibs, baby bottles, and baby toys. Pass the bag around to each guest and have them try to guess what’s inside without looking.

The guest who correctly guesses the most items wins a prize. To make the game more challenging, you can put uncommon baby items in the bag, or you can limit the time each guest has to feel around and guess what’s inside.

This game is not only fun and engaging, but it’s also a great way to help guests prepare for parenthood or grandparenthood. Guests can learn about different baby items and their uses while also having a great time at the party.

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