8 Powerful Benefits of Pineapple

Jul 6, 2017

On the outside, pineapples look uninviting. They are covered in prickly spines. But on the inside, pineapples truly embody the sentiment of “do not judge a book by its cover.” With pineapples, it is truly what is inside that counts.

It might surprise you to know that pineapples are comprised of many berries that fuse and form together around a core. Even more surprising is the bounty of healthful benefits you receive every time you eat this unusual tropical fruit. Grab some pineapple slices and read up on how they will benefit you.

1 Highly nutritious

Pineapples have large amounts of manganese, which helps with antioxidant defenses. They also are a huge source of vitamin C as well as thiamin, which is a B vitamin that helps your body produce energy.

2 Diet-friendly

Trying to lose weight but your sweet tooth is getting in the way? Try some pineapple. For every cup of pineapple chunks you consume, you are only getting 82 calories, plus they have no fat. They do have sugar, about 16 grams per cup, but it is all natural, not like the stuff you find in your favorite cookies.

3 Supports healthy immune system

You can get half of the FDA’s daily recommendation for vitamin C in your serving of pineapple. It comes with antioxidant fighting power plus protects you from heart disease too.

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4 Strengthens bones

In just one serving of pineapple, you will get almost your full daily needs for manganese. Manganese is important for keeping bones and the connective tissues strong. Studies have shown pineapple is a fantastic agent in preventing osteoporosis as well.

5 Keeps eyes healthy

Move over, carrots. Pineapples can help keep your eyes healthy too. Eating more of them reduces your chances for macular degeneration as you age, keeping your eyes working optimally.

6 Keeps digestion on track

Stay regular and keep your digestive system running smoothly. Pineapple has plenty of dietary fiber which is good for helping things along. What makes pineapple stand apart from other fiber-filled fruits and vegetables though is that it has large amounts of an enzyme called bromelain which has the power to process protein quickly, thus leading to better and more efficient digestion.

7 Reduces inflammation

Numerous studies have revealed that bromelain also reduces inflammation and has been shown to reduce the growth of tumors too. While this was tested successfully with animals, scientists believe they will achieve the same results for humans too.

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8 Lowers risks of blood clots

Do you fly a lot? Bromelain helps keep the blood from coagulating excessively. If you are at risk for blood clots, eating more pineapple is a smart idea.

Pineapples have even more amazing benefits too, like helping to reduce the mucus in your throat when you are sick. Any way you slice it, adding more pineapple into your daily diet is a great idea, one with a taste that can’t be beaten.