9 Reasons Why You Should Include Dates in Your Diet

There is a reason why dates have been so popular for centuries. This sticky sweet fruit tastes delicious and is packed with lots of nutrients. It is believed that the use of dates originated from ancient Egypt where it was used to make wine. It then spread around that region and became so popular that dates were eaten as an entree, main course or dessert. Dates are said to provide instant energy. They are packed with calcium, amino acids, iron, and vitamins. Some of the most incredible benefits of dates are:

1 Improve your bone health

Who wouldn’t like to have strong bones? Strong bones that protect your internal organs are essential for you to perform your daily routine and are critical for fighting aging and diseases like osteoporosis. Especially since women are more likely to have it, including dates in your regular diet seems to be an optimal plan.

While performing certain exercises helps improve bone density and strength, certain foods can also strengthen your bones. Dates are packed with calcium, iron and other vital minerals and vitamins like selenium, manganese, copper, and magnesium, which are all essential for strong bones. So, if you want strong, healthy bones be sure to include a couple of dates a day in your diet.