FAQs: Most interesting questions about reasons why you should include dates in your diet

What happens if you eat dates everyday?

Eating dates every day kills parasites, increases brain performance, normalizes blood pressure, helps strengthen bones, and improves skin condition. Also, the fruit is rich in antioxidants, which reduce the risk of many diseases and oxidative processes in the body. From a nutritional point of view, these fruits are an excellent sugar substitute.

When should you eat dates?

Because of their high caloric content, dates should be eaten in the first half of the day. During the day, eating no more than 3-5 fruits is recommended. If you abuse these fruits, you risk developing diabetes and dental problems.

Who should not eat dates?

Eating dates are not recommended for people with worsening irritable bowel symptoms. They can cause bloating, bubbling, and discomfort in the stomach. There is also an individual intolerance to this product or an allergy – this is always worth paying attention to.

What are the disadvantages of dates?

Like many foods, dates are not safe for allergy sufferers, so if you plan to try them for the first time, consult your doctor and start with one fruit. They contain the sugar alcohol sorbitol, which can cause diarrhea.