8 Benefits of Having Small Breasts

Jun 20, 2018

Women with small breasts often believe they are cursed, and openly feel envious of those with bigger breasts. However, there are actually some benefits of having smaller breasts. Stop stuffing tissues into your bras and forget about breast implant surgery, girls. Be proud of being small-chested and enjoy the many perks that come with having smaller breasts:

1 Avoid back pain

Big breasts can be a major cause of upper back pain. Larger breasts can also make exercise more difficult and painful. With small breasts, you can avoid that pain. Women with large breasts sometimes have to opt for a breast reduction to relieve back pain – be grateful that your breast size does not contribute to back pain.

2 Look feminine and natural

As much as we may want to, no one can choose what size breasts they have. Larger breasts are beautiful, but smaller breasts can complement a feminine figure, too. There are certainly guys out there who find small breasts more natural and sexy.

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3 Purchase clothing faster

Now I am sure most women with large breasts will agree with me. It is much easier to find and buy clothes when you have small breasts than when you have larger ones.

Most pieces of clothing are not created to accommodate large breasts, which can make shopping more difficult. With smaller breasts, you will likely have a much easier time finding styles that flatter you at a wide variety of shops.

4 Sleep better

My friend who has beautiful yet large breasts often wakes up frequently during the night because of terrible pain. She likes to lie on her belly, but her chest can make that difficult.

Smaller breasts allow you to easily sleep comfortably in many positions. Small breasts are ideal for other activities where you must lie on your stomach like massages and sunbathing.

5 Stick to proportion

A balanced figure is all about proportion. The last thing you want to experience after getting a breast job is to look like an artificial doll with a chest too big for your natural body. Sticking with and being proud of your small breasts will flatter you more.

6 You look skinny

Though you may not be the slimmest, smaller breasts can make you look skinnier. Even if you wear a size 15 pair of jeans, having smaller breasts can make you appear to be more slender than you really are.

7 Save money on bras

Women with large breasts have three major problems when buying their bras: a size problem, a price problem, and a style problem. Large bras are a little bit more expensive than smaller ones and are often available in plainer styles. Girls with small breasts can wear a wide variety of different styles without wrecking their wallets.

8 Avoid sagging

Sagging may happen to any woman at some point. However, large breasts sag easier and quicker than small breasts. While your friends with larger breasts may be struggling with sagging breasts in their early 30s, you will likely not face this problem till your 50s.

This benefit should make you forget about breast implants for good. Besides, implants have a great number of downsides. Life is complicated, so do not make it more complicated by turning to breast implant surgery.

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You do not need breast implants to look beautiful. Getting a breast job may sound like a great idea, but unfortunately, it has many disadvantages and consequences. If your partner does not like your breasts the way they are, he does not love you.

Love yourself and enjoy the things you have, including your small breasts. Believe it or not, most women with large breasts confess they wish they had small breasts. No wonder why, actually.