7 Most Important Facts to Know About Reduction Mammaplasty

Oct 30, 2017

While most girls are trying to make their breasts grow or look bigger, some women have to turn to mammaplasty to reduce their breast size. Plastic surgery is not the best option but sometimes we do not have the way out. Big breasts cause lots of trouble, including back pain, and saggy breasts can ruin your entire confidence. If you choose to undergo breast reduction, here are a few of the most important facts to consider first:

1 Reduction mammaplasty can require several procedures

And those additional procedures are all painful and not cheap. Apart from mammaplasty, you may also need contour or shaping work on the areas around the breasts and in the underarm area. It requires time and money and a lot of patience, so you should be ready both mentally and financially.

2 It is a wallet-draining procedure

Since reduction mammaplasty is more connected with appearance than health, most insurers do not cover the operation, especially those additional procedures. Depending on your monthly income, you will have to save your hard-earned money for months or even years to be ready to cover the operation and any additional procedure if needed.

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3 The healing process takes a few months

The recovery itself does not take a lot of time, but your breasts will need time to settle and look natural again. A full recovery typically comes after 3 to 4 weeks, do not expect your ‘new’ breasts look perfectly beautiful. You will have to wait for a few more months, which is why it is better to undergo the operation in late fall and early winter.

4 You may not be able to breastfeed

If you are young and have no children, think twice before undergoing reduction mammaplasty, because you may not be able to breastfeed after it. Reduction mammaplasty involves the breast tissue removal, which can reduce your ability to breastfeed. The chance of being able to breastfeed after mammaplasty is 50-50.

5 There are two breast reduction methods

The lollipop method, also known as French vertical mammaplasty, does not work for larger reductions, but it is rather safe and leaves more breast tissue attached to the nipples. Moreover, it creates more natural and rounded breasts. The anchor method requires more incisions and is recommended for women with very large breasts. Consult the doctors to find out what method is best for you.

6 Your nipples may become more or less sensitive

Many women that already underwent breast reduction claim that their nipples are less sensitive now, while some women experience overly sensitive nipples. There are also women who say they did not feel any change except deep relief after mammaplasty. It is all depends on the breast reduction method you choose and, of course, on the doctor’s skills. Choose the clinic carefully.

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7 Infections

Every surgical procedure, including reduction mammaplasty, carries certain risks. Infection is one of the most common ones, but the worst thing that can happen to you is an unprofessional doctor, albeit even the most skilled doctors commit mistakes at times.

Shortly, you have a relatively high risk of some type of complications within 30 days after all the procedures. Do not wait if you notice that something is wrong with your breasts, head to your doctor to avoid more serious complications.

There are many other things you can consider before you decide to undergo the breast reduction or enlargement surgery. If you are overweight, you may also need to drop some pounds before the operation.

Do your own research, consult several doctors – do not rely on only one – and be sure you are ready financially and mentally. If some of you have already undergone reduction mammaplasty, please share your experiences with us in the comments.

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