8 Surprising Benefits of Talking to Strangers

Do you remember those times when your mother told you to avoid talking to strangers? It was a reasonable advice because it can be really dangerous for children to talk to absolutely strange people. But now you`re not a child anymore so why do you hide from nice people around you? We always sit at home, do our job or hang out with friends only and we mostly avoid communicating with others, albeit there are lots of truly nice ones. The world is yours, I mean the whole world including all people you see, so take a look at the advantages of talking to strangers that will probably change some of your communication skills and habits.

1 You can meet a really great person

Talking to a stranger is a good habit because you never know whom you may meet. Taking a simple walk with a dog or doing shopping may present you with a person who`ll become your best friend in future. You can also meet someone who`ll give you a chance to get your dream job or somehow help you in life. A stranger you dare to start a conversation with can turn to be really useful for you and make your life better. That`s why you shouldn`t miss these unexpected chances.

2 It expands your world view

You have some opinion about different subjects and you know your friends` and relatives` points of view about them too. But there are millions of other people who think differently and can give you their sometimes unpredictable yet smart ideas that`ll expand your world view. This way you become more intelligent because you have a chance to compare and to operate more opinions about the same question.

3 You can shorten your waiting time

Waiting in a long queue is extremely boring. Why not speak to someone until your turn comes? It`ll make your long queue seem to be just a moment. Time flies faster when there`s someone to talk so why not try? You`ll most likely never see this person again in your life so there`s no need to worry if you say something silly or just choose a wrong person to have a talk with. Besides, it can become a funny story to tell your friends.

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4 You improve your social skills

Whatever social skills you have, you can make them better when talking to strangers. Asking appropriate questions and attentive listening are two skills that many of us don’t have. You can better these skills when talking to a stranger. We often ask something and then don`t even listen to the answer. But if you want to be a wonderful interlocutor, it`s better to learn more about successful socializing.

5 It helps you become more assertive

The more you talk to strangers and the more confident you feel when doing it, the more assertive you become in everyday life. You gradually understand how to find a needed approach to any type of people and what to say when you want to get something from others. Next time you`ll be asked to do some duties of your colleagues you don`t even want to hear about, you`ll be enough assertive to say “This time I`ll refuse and don`t ask me to do something for you again because I see it becomes your bad habit.” Ha?

6 You can cheer someone up

The thing you`ll definitely like about talking to strangers is that you can make someone`s day better. Smile and people will smile in return. Compliment people and they`ll think something pleasant about you. Having a sweet short dialog is one of those perfect chances to share positive vibrations with others and make your and your interlocutor`s day really outstanding. Do that and you`ll like the result!

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7 It may show you the solutions you didn`t know about

Talking to someone you don`t know is all about finding out something you didn`t know. You may have some problems that you can`t solve for a long time but a person you suddenly meet can figure out the right solution you didn`t even think about before. It may be a help you needed to get a long time ago. After all, it`s easier to solve someone else`s problems.

8 You’ll feel a boost of confidence

If you belong to that shy type of people, talking to a stranger may seem to be a real challenge for you. I`m also extremely shy but I realize it`s not an issue at all. You can overcome your fear of being judged by others by talking to strangers. It`ll let you feel that there`s nothing to worry about when communicating with different people around you – it`s actually funny and adventurous. If you`re very shy and would like to become more confident, try to speak to a stranger and you`ll see how easy and useful it is.

Talking to strangers might be dangerous – it all depends on the place and time. Become more confident, assertive, sociable and positive thanks to simple short conversations with different people you find smart or just beautiful. What other benefits of talking to strangers do you know?