8 Times When You Feel Scared to Ask for What You Want

Aug 5, 2015

Regardless of how brave and bold you are, there are several times when you may feel scared to ask for what you want. While shy people have trouble speaking about their needs, bold people simply don’t want to look awkward, rude or miserable. Stop feeling this way and let others know what you want or need. Here are the things you should never be afraid to ask for in your life.

1 When you need a promotion

If you know that you deserve to be promoted or to get a bigger paycheck, you shouldn`t be afraid to declare about it. You`re a valuable employee as you always do everything on time so why not let your boss know about your desire? You don`t want to work more and get nothing in return. Even if you`ll be fired, that actually wouldn`t happen, you`ll definitely find a better job because every company needs such devoted people in their staff.

2 When you want to break up with him

Many women are afraid to break up with their partners for many reasons. The most common one is because they are afraid to hurt his feelings. If you think that he`s not actually the person you want to be with, you`d better say that as soon as possible. Don`t wait until your relationship becomes even worse. If you’ve been together for years and have kids, it’s harder to break up with him. Your children want to see their parents happy, so don’t be afraid to ask for divorce.

3 When you want to eat

When you`re starving and see someone eating something tasty, it seems a shame to ask for some food, especially if it`s a stranger. While it`s really better to avoid asking a random person for some snack, why not do that if it`s your friend? You would definitely share your food with a starving friend, right? Then don`t be afraid to ask for it if you`re very hungry as a hawk and can`t think about anything but food.

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4 When you go shopping

When you go shopping, you can face a disputable situation. Shop assistants may try to persuade you to buy things you don’t need. Perhaps you ask so many questions that it becomes annoying for them to serve you. You think you should buy at least something to leave a good impression. Why? It’s their job so ask as many questions as you want and don’t be afraid to ask for the thing you need. It`s their responsibilities to show you everything you want and to answer any question about their goods. Never feel guilty about your persistence and curiosity when you go shopping.

5 When you want to move out

Many young people encounter this problem when they grow up. Want to move out but don`t know how to tell them about it? It`s actually easy. You just have to ask and that`s it. The main thing is that you need to prepare all the answers to their questions such as: Why? Where? With whom? Where will you get money? If you have all the answers and you can make them sure that you`re already responsible enough to live alone, then there`s no need to worry about their positive answer.

6 When you need help

Many people feel scared to ask for help. No matter how huge and difficult their task is, they never vent to anyone for help. If you`re one of them, break this habit. No one is perfect and everyone needs some help from time to time. Even the most powerful and strong person in the world wouldn`t succeed a lot in life if they`re afraid to ask for help.

7 When you need a vacation

Some employees are afraid to ask for vacation. Everyone needs a regular break from work. Chances are, you`ll work more productively when you spend at least 7 days relaxing and doing nothing. Let your boss know that you need that break, especially if you`ve been working non-stop for a long time.

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8 When you want to have fun

Sometimes we just want to have fun without any reason. It`s not bad if you ask your boyfriend or your friends to have fun even if there`s no occasion like a birthday or a holiday. Just why not? Don`t be afraid to look silly or not serious because we have only one life and it`s worth having fun as much as possible. If no one supports you, do that on your own and meet new interesting people. It`s also a nice way to have a good time.

No matter what`s your job, where you live, what partner you have and how old you are, you should never be afraid to ask for these things. You deserve them so do everything to get them. Although confidence plays a crucial role here, don’t feel ashamed of your wants and needs. What are you afraid to ask for?