8 Awesome Benefits of Talking to Yourself

Oct 31, 2022

There’s a widely spread opinion that people who talk to themselves are crazy. But frankly speaking, we all do this. A person can`t stop thinking and what thinking is? It`s your inner monologue that never stops so why not take it out of your head? Talking to yourself is actually useful. Lots of world famous geniuses like Einstein also had this habit. This is actually the trait of most intelligent people. Therefore, if you still think that you`re mentally ill because you often speak to yourself, here are the best benefits of your strange habit.

1 You learn like a child

Children learn to speak by listening to their parents and copying their speech. They speak to themselves without worrying about that someone can call them crazy. A little kid sees some unknown process and speaks out its rules and laws. “When I fall, it hurts”, they say and they remember these words next time they fall. Same goes to you when you speak to yourself. You remember the information better and educate yourself this way.

2 You organize your thoughts

The inner dialog is mostly chaotic. There are lots of desperate thoughts you think over and over again and sometimes it creates a real mess in your head. You can keep your mind in order by talking out loud to yourself. The best way to solve a problem is to speak it up. We usually talk about everything with our friends or partners but if it`s your personal problem, you can talk about it with your own self, right?

3 It makes your brain work harder

When you have a task and don`t know how to cope with it, speaking to yourself can help you too. There are some questions in you head that you may answer on your own when you tell them out loud. Our brain works faster and more effectively when we hear the problem but don`t only think about it.

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4 You can find anything if you know what it looks like

If you`ve lost something and can`t find it for a long time already, tell this object`s name out loud and it`ll help you to find it. The thing is that you should be aware of what you`re looking for. Otherwise, telling its name can only slow you down but won`t help. When you`re, for example, looking for a lemon and say its name, you visualize it and can find it faster because you remember its color, shape and other characteristics.

5 It helps you focus your attention

It`s so hard to focus on one thing when you have numerous thoughts and each of them may take you away from reaching your goal. The easiest solution to this problem is to speak to yourself loud for a better concentration. Say what you need to do again and again and then you`ll start doing it automatically. It helps you pay attention to the present and to avoid dreaming about the future or analyzing your past mistakes.

6 You nourish your creativity

Speaking to yourself can positively impact your creativity as well. You hear your own voice and it helps you come up with brilliant and unique ideas. It happens so because when you speak something out loud, you do something unusual and it turns on the “creativity function” of your brain. Lots of writers, singers and artists often speak to themselves and get inspired this way.

7 You set your goals easily

Does it sometimes happen that you want something but when you say it to someone, you realize that it`s not actually what you want indeed? You understand it in the process of saying it and do you want to know why? Because you hear how it sounds. When you speak your goals out loud to yourself, you can judge their value adequately. This way you can easily decide what exactly you want to get out from life.

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8 You take control over your emotions

People who talk to themselves have more chances to take control over their emotions. They speak about their personal difficulties and find the solutions without any problems. They are actually their own personal psychologists. If you want to scream because someone annoys you, do that immediately and it`ll prevent you from having a fight with that person. Find a quiet place and speak to yourself. You`ll calm down and get rid of those negative emotions in no time.

These crazy people, as it turns out, are quite intelligent individuals. There`s no need to avoid talking to yourself because it helps you solve problems, make a list of your goals and take control over your emotions. Those who say that people who speak everything out loud are mental patients just can`t realize how beneficial speaking to yourself is. If you have this amazing habit, you`re probably a smart, creative and successful individual. What other strange habits can make us more intelligent and successful in life?