10 Cool Boy Dog Names

Apr 14, 2016

Looking for a cool name for your male puppy? Look no further because I have picked ten unique boy dog names that you can choose for your puppy based on his traits, breed, and habits. Naming a puppy is like naming a child. If you have trouble finding the perfect name for your puppy, check out my list. I added the pictures to show you the examples and make the list funnier.

1 Sebastian

Let me guess: as soon as you read the name Sebastian, the lobster in Disney’s ‘Little Mermaid’ came to your mind, right? Now, take a look at the picture and tell me, “Does this strong French Bulldog look like a lobster?” Of course, no. Sebastian is a cool name for any dog.

2 Thor

I don’t know what made the owner of this cute boy name their puppy Thor, but this name is incredibly popular these days. In Norse mythology, Thor is believed to be a god of storms, thunder, lightning, strength, oak trees, and the protection of mankind. If your puppy acts like a storm, Thor is his name.

3 Dante

Your dog does not have to be a famous Italian poet of the middle ages to be named Dante. Dante means obstinate and enduring, making it a great name for Shepherd dogs, albeit any dog can boast this name.

4 Joey

Joey is a fabulous name for small dog breeds. Many dog owners associate the name with a fictional character from the NBC sitcoms Friends. However, I still believe Joey is a cute name for a cute puppy, isn’t it?

5 Murphy

If you are looking for a really cool name for your Parson Russell Terrier, the Irish name Murphy is a smart choice. Even though it means a sea warrior, your pup does not have to be a sailor. Cuteness is his armor.

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6 Banjo

A unique puppy has to have a unique name. Banjo is a little bit weird name, but you want your boy to stand out from the crowd, not follow it, right? Many parents are not afraid to name their sons Banjo, so why not? Your puppy deserves it.

7 Aaron

Aaron is a popular name among humans, not animals. But your dog is not just a dog, right? He is a member of your family. He deserves to be named Aron. This name is ideal for large dog breeds.

8 Scout

Scout is an excellent name choice for a dog who strives to be a leader of the pack. He controls everything and everyone, including you. Plus, he is a great guard in the house. The name Scout is not for large dog breeds only. Many owners name their Chihuahua Scout, too.

9 Maximus

Maximus is Latin in origin and means ‘the greatest.’ A cute yet strong dog with a loving heart will like this name. Maximus is rather an unusual name for puppies unless you call your boy dog Max.

10 Astro

We all know that handsome, lovable yet goofy dog from the Jetsons. Astro is the right name for a large, goofy, friendly and funny dog who never leaves you alone. Astro loves a human company, and he does not stop seeking until he finds you.

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With a plethora of boy dog names, it was really hard to narrow down the list to just 10. But I checked Pinterest and Instagram to see what popular dog names are. I hope, my list was useful to you, and you have finally chosen the name for your puppy. Do you have any other boy dog name suggestions?