9 Common Emotions You Feel But Can’t Explain

Apr 14, 2016

Do you often find it difficult to explain what you feel? We all encounter the emotions we can`t talk about every now and then. The emotions might not be harmful to your health, but learning how to recognize them can help you improve your life. In fact there are the definitions you can use to make others know about your state of mind easily. Here are 9 emotions we all face but can’t explain.

1 Rubatosis

I bet, you are experiencing this feeling right now. Rubatosis is “the process of constant paying attention to your heartbeat or blinking.” You’re having this feeling now simply because I reminded you about it. Even though heartbeat is a non-stop process of the body, sometimes it becomes a bit irritating. You may experience this feeling because of stress too.

2 Liberosis

Liberosis is “a desire to care less about things.” This is actually a widely spread feeling in modern society as we always have to worry about so many things in life like job, education, relationships, etc. If you don`t want to pay attention to every trifle and want to become more carefree in life instead, you can say that with just one word. Oftentimes, people stop caring about anything because they feel overwhelmed or depressed.

3 Jouska

Everyone has experienced this feeling many times. This is “the imitation of a dialog you create in your head yourself.” We usually do this when we dream about a date with a crush or when we want to tell everyone about an interesting fact they’ll be shocked to find out. Speaking to yourself in a form of dialog that takes place in your imagination is a feeling called jouska.

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4 Adronitis

Can you make friends in a matter of several minutes? If you find it difficult to make at least one friend then this feeling can be explained with the word andronitis. It’s being annoyed about how long it takes to make friends. If you want to become friends with people you like at once without all those introductions and other previews, you have a feeling of andronitis.

5 Dysania

When you feel energized and healthy in the morning but you can’t get out of bed, you may experience dysania. Frankly speaking, it’s a frequent issue I`m suffering from. There`s also a word clinomania that means “a strong desire to stay in bed.” Practically, these two feelings are similar so if you don`t want to get up in the morning, both words will help you describe your emotion perfectly.

6 Nyctophilia

What do you like most: to be alone in a dark room or to be in a bright room with your friends? People who have nyctophilia choose the first option. If you`d better be in a dark, quiet, cozy environment than at a loud party with lots of people then you definitely suffer (or enjoy, who knows) from nyctophilia. It’s not a bad feeling when you take advantage of that me time.

7 Finifugal

If you’re afraid to watch the last season of your favorite TV show, to reach the end of your favorite book, or to go to bed at midnight, you most likely suffer from finifugal. You can even fear Sunday because it’s the end of the week. It’s hard to explain this feeling, but try to remind yourself that every ending leads to a new beginning, each time you try to cope with finifugal.

8 Monachopsis

Monachopsis is “the feeling of being out of place and time.” It happens when you hang out with your friends and you feel like you’re not a part of the group. You don`t know why but you think you are in a wrong place and time. Low self-esteem is one of the most common reasons for monachopsis. Stress is a second reason that we often overlook. It’s impossible to have fun when you feel stressed.

9 Sehnsucht

This conception explains “the feeling when you want some changes but don`t know what kind of changes you want.” Have you ever had an unpredictably bad mood without knowing the reason? Have you ever wanted to change your life somehow and again didn`t know what and how you want to change? This is sehnsucht, the feeling that everyone has in their life.

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All these feelings are so familiar to everyone but we usually don`t even try to discuss them. However, you already know them and next time you have some of these feelings, you`ll have a chance to say it without wasting time inventing the correct explanation. What other interesting and unusual definitions of our feelings do you know? Do you have any of these 9 feelings?