8 Marvelously Delicious Christmas Treats

Dec 18, 2015

If you’re in the mood for Christmas baking and decorating, but you’re lacking inspiration, these easy-to-make and adorable treats will instantly get your creative juices flowing. These recipes are my personal picks. I spent yesterday’s evening looking for Christmas treats to make with my kids. Since I’m bad at cooking, I always pick super easy recipes. These eight are no exception. Read on and choose your favorite ones.

1 Soft sugar cookies

These amazingly soft sugar cookies are like real snowflakes. They require simple ingredients and are quick to make. All it takes is about 40 minutes and some easy mixing of dairy and dry ingredients like sugar, flour and baking powder. Ask your children to help in preparation. Get the full recipe here.

2 Fun reindeer


If you want to jazz up your classic gingerbread man cookie, just turn it upside down and decorate as a fun reindeer. Apart from baking gingerbread man cookies, you will need to make or purchase chocolate frosting and candy toppings. Get the full recipe here.

3 Melting snowmen


Looking for a festive way to decorate your classic round cookies? Turn them into melting snowmen. Just frost your cookies with white icing, top with a little bit microwaved marshmallow and decorate with anything that you have handy to create those funny (or not) melting snowmen.

4 Christmas Oreos


If you are anything like me and you’re not good at baking or you have no time for it, grab some Oreos and turn them into Christmas ones. Simply dip them in chocolate and decorate with candies or frosting. It all depends on your creativity and imagination. Pinterest has plenty of festive ideas.

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5 Green Christmas cornflake wreaths


Almost all of us have cornflakes and green food coloring in the kitchen. Cornflakes are perfect for breakfasts and green food coloring is needed on Patrick’s Day. Use these two plus two more ingredients to create green Christmas cornflake wreaths. Combine cornflakes with melted butter and marshmallows. Add green food coloring. Create little Christmas wreaths. That’s it!

6 Hot chocolate cookie cups

Even though it seems impossible to make these tasty cookie cups at home, you can make them in a matter of 35-40 minutes. You will need sugar cookie dough – homemade or store-bought, chocolate and small marshmallows. Hot chocolate cookie cups are perfect for Christmas parties. Get the full recipe here.

7 No bake Christmas tree cookies

If the oven is your biggest enemy in the kitchen, consider making Christmas tree cookies that require no baking at all. The ingredient list is simple and budget-friendly. With a bit more creativity, you can decorate your Christmas tree cookies however you like. Check out the recipe and video tutorial here.

8 Oreo Snowmen


This one is ideal for a kid-friendly Christmas party. It’s super easy to make and absolutely nothing to bake. I made Oreo snowmen yesterday to impress my cute elves. They helped me decorate cookies for the first time. Making Oreo snowmen is a sort of family activity, when you don’t mind a little mess in the kitchen.

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Some of these Christmas treats look like store-bought, but they are way healthier and tastier than store-bought brands. You can also use these ideas to decorate store-bought cookies, if you’re short on time or too lazy to bake. I can only speak for myself here, but I love to use the recipes that are created for lazy girls. After all, instead of spending hours in the kitchen, spend them with those you love. Do you have any other Christmas treat ideas to share?