15 Astonishing Easter Egg Ideas

Mar 26, 2018

There is no correct way to decorate Easter eggs since every culture around the world has its own traditions. Many people buy plastic Easter eggs to skip the decorating part of the holiday, while others use all their painting skills and creativity to create the most unique egg designs. Whether you are going to decorate plastic eggs, hard-boiled eggs, or eggshells, these astonishing Easter eggs ideas may come in handy.

1 Dyed Minion Easter Eggs

Minions are still popular this year. Both kids and adults love them, so why not add these cuties to your festive Easter table? Dyed Minion Easter eggs are easy to make and they do not require a lot of supplies. With a little creativity, you can make totally funny Minions to make everyone smile on Easter.

2 Pastel patterned Easter Eggs

The pastel trend keeps blooming. Pastel pink, violet, and blue are all the rage. Many women are dyeing their hair pastel, and some wear pastels. Many people use pastels in the house decorating. Easter is another way to incorporate pastels into your life. Create these pastel patterned Easter eggs to keep following the trend.

3 Galaxy Easter Eggs

Looking for something unusual? Galaxy Easter eggs will astonish you and everyone who will see them. Even though they take some time to create, the result is well worth it. The problem is how to eat them, hah? Get the tutorial here.

4 Marbled Indigo Eggs

Marbled Indigo eggs look like you spent two days making them. However, do not fret. You will actually spend less than an hour, or a bit more if you are planning to make many of these eggs. Get the tutorial here.

5 Decorative Glitter Easter Eggs

Glitter Easter eggs will make any festive table sparkle. They require some time, effort, and supplies, but overall they are not expensive. Plus, you do not need any tutorial, the picture shows it perfectly well. Get more creative and experiment with different glitter designs.

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6 Emojis

It may be hard at first to create emoji eggs, but take a few minutes and think harder. Even your little ones can help you decorate these Easter eggs. The more emoji eggs you make, the better. If you have no idea how to create them, follow the instructions here.

7 Beaded Easter Eggs

This idea is excellent for plastic Easter eggs, but why not experiment with hard-boiled eggs? These embellished eggs will leave everyone impressed, even you. Make it a family activity to keep your kids entertained around the holiday. Get the tutorial here.

8 DIY Love Eggs

Okay, Valentine’s Day is over, but it does not mean you must forget about love. If you are planning to spend Easter with your significant other, make these Love eggs to surprise them and cherish your love.

9 Glitter polka dots

Have no time for dyeing eggs? Glitter polka dots will make your plain white or yellow eggs look awesome. Place several glue dots on each egg and roll it in glitter. Voila! You have beautifully decorated eggs in just a few minutes.

10 L.E.D. Easter Eggs

Finally, if you are not looking to eat your Easter eggs, but decorate your festive table or house, L.E.D. Easter eggs are all you need. They are not easy to create, at least for me. You will need L.E.D. lights, 2032 flat batteries, and electrical tape – the things that not everyone of us have. However, if you really want to astonish all of your guests, give this idea a try. Get the instructions here.

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11 Unicorn Easter eggs

From unicorn makeup and hairstyles to cocktails and desserts, unicorn everything is still a thing and Easter is no exception. Surprise your little ones with these super cute festive eggs, especially if they love unicorns. The best part is they are actually easy to create and do not require any professional drawing skills.

12. Black and white classic

These Easter eggs might be harder to re-create, but with a bit of practice and patience, you can definitely do it. If you do not like the classic black and white combo, you can try some other color combinations. It is all about experimentation, yet this classic color combo seems to be ideal.

13 Coastal Easter eggs

When you need a truly impressive Easter centerpiece or you simply love seas and oceans, these coastal-inspired eggs are right for you. While these eggs take a lot of time to decorate, the result is surely worth it in the end. Again, you can choose any color you like and come up with more clever decorating ideas.

14 Wildlife

If you love animals and wildlife, why not promote this love by decorating your Easter eggs as the animals from the forest? Not only is it a creative way to decorate Easter eggs, but also a sneaky way to keep your little ones occupied. Instead of wildlife, you can create a farm and turn the boring eggs into pigs, sheep, birds, or hens. It is up to you.

15 Trolls

Even though these Easter eggs seem to be good for kids, adults will enjoy their design as well. Trolls are charming, funny, and vibrant, so add a touch of color and great mood to your Easter with these bright eggs. If you have older kids, let them help you with the drawing process.

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Surely, Easter is not about the best decorated eggs. There are plenty of more critical things to focus on instead of just wrecking our brains over the egg ideas. Depending on where you live, though, decorating eggs might be as essential as going to the church. Hopefully, these ten ideas have helped you. What are your favorite Easter egg ideas?