Your Foodie’s Map Through Hong Kong

In a region packed with over 15,000 restaurants, cafes, and stalls, Hong Kong is a veritable paradise for those who love sampling flavors from around the world. No matter where you find yourself, there is some kind of culinary delight to be found.

That is why, as I wandered the roadways and districts of Hong Kong, I found myself amazed by the breadth of dining experiences found in every area. Here is a foodie’s map through Hong Kong:

Sai Ying Pun

A blend of old and new, Sai Ying Pun is sloping roads of traditional Hong Kong lifestyle mixed with a decent amount of gentrification. Next to tofu stalls, you will find craft beer bars, Italian, and KFC. The area is beautifully quirky and can sate your cravings, no matter what they are for.

I recommend taking a saunter along High Street, as it has ever-changing facades. Some of the mainstays include Craft Beer & Co., Flying Pig Bistro, and Ollies. Every place has amazing decor, decent seating, and menu items that range from healthy to deliciously naughty. Take Craft Beer & Co.’s perfectly fried fries with truffle dipping sauce.

Other notable streets include Third Street, for Potato Head, a great place for brunch, or Stack, a place with pancakes that come with eyebrow-raising (yet insanely tasty) toppings. People rave about the pulled pork.

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