11 Hidden Gems to Discover in Malaysia

Mar 10, 2017

Malaysia is a beautiful country in Asia that see millions of tourists each year. While its main city Kuala Lumpur is amazing, as are the surrounding areas, Malaysia is a stunning country with so much more to offer that is slightly off the beaten path. These ten hidden gems in Malaysia certainly are not tourist attractions and you will really feel like you are seeing the authentic, breathtaking country.

1 The Taman Negara National Park

This park located right in the middle of the country is said to be the oldest jungle in the world. Estimated at 130 million years old, it is massive, stunning and at times terrifying. With long swing bridges over beautiful ravines, this is an experience like any other.

2 Borneo

Borneo is not all Malaysian, as some part of the island is also owned by Brunei and Indonesia. However, this less frequently visited place is home to the Bornean orangutans. With the Bornean orangutan being an endangered species, it may be time to drop by this little-known island and see them for yourself while you still can.

3 Pulau Rawa

This is a coral island off the coast of Johor and it is just strips of beautiful, untouched white sand beaches with clear blue aqua water lapping at the edges. It truly feels like something out of your dreams and not a real place. It also has very rich marine life, so it is a great alternative to the Great Barrier Reef that is also less touristy.

4 Miri

This coastal city on the border with Brunei is often not visited be tourists, but it can give you a great feeling for authentic Malaysia. With beautiful beaches, a crocodile farm and the first oil site in Malaysia, this town is crawling with activity and history.

5 George Town

No, not the Georgetown near Washington DC, but rather the capital city of the Malaysian state Penang. Although this is the second largest city in Malaysia, it doesn’t often get visitors. With incredible food and even more history, George Town is a large hub of authentic Malaysia with all the great aspects of a city, but without the other tourists.

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6 Sabah

This small village is where you will find the Poring Hot Spring and Nature Reserve. This small, unknown hidden gem has lovely, warm, soothing outdoor pools naturally heated and some really awesome canopy walkways to experience the jungle closer up.

7 Tasik Chini

This small Malaysian town in the Pekan District is home to the second largest lake in the country. This tranquil scenery is beautiful and the jungle surrounding it is said to be some of the most untouched in the entire country.

If you are after some real Malaysian nature, then Tasik Chini is the place to go. From incredible wildlife to thrilling forest walks, you will hardly believe you are not the first explorer.

8 Batu Caves

Located in Gombak, these limestone caves are immense, stunning, and absolutely breathtaking. At the top of the hill with the caves is a temple complex, and if you want to visit it, you will need to walk a staggering 272 steps. These caves are said to be around 400 million years old and you get to explore the splendor in relative quiet, as many tourists do not come this way.

9 The Gunung Mulu National Park

The Gunung Mulu National Park boasts the nature’s incredible work in the form of the Pinnacles of the Gunung Mulu. These jagged, limestone blades jut out from the forest floor and pop up through the canopy. It is a reminder that sometimes things built from nature alone are some of the most spectacular sights in the world – and you are unlikely to meet many other tourists there as well.

10 Kampung Kuantan

Although this town itself in Bestari Jaya is not over exciting in itself, it is the home of the incredible flashing fireflies display. If you think you have seen some fireflies in your life, you will never have experienced anything like this. This dazzling display consists of thousands of fireflies lighting up all at the same time around the mangrove trees. There is nothing more incredible than being in the middle of a wild jungle, looking at a display so incredible it is hard to believe it was not man-made.

11 Sungai Lima, Selangor

This little fishing village on the island of Pulau Ketam is so serene and beautiful and is a great place to go for just some very quiet relaxation. While there are many beautiful beaches and lovely walks throughout Malaysia, many of the popular ones are overrun by tourists. Sungai Lima, on the other hand, is truly local and you may learn some amazing things about Malaysian culture while you are here.

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Malaysia is a stunning country with so many hidden gems that few people visit, despite their splendor. If you do go visit Malaysia, be sure to get out of the major cities and experience the real authentic nature of this beautiful country.