10 Hidden Gems You Can Find in the Middle East

Are you among those who think long deserts of many miles, camels, and sands are the only things the Middle East has whenever it is mentioned? Well, your thoughts are true nevertheless, the truth remains that the Middle East boasts some of the remarkable natural wonders which are little known. Check out ten secret natural wonders you can find in the Middle East.

1 Al-Hasa Oasis, Saudi Arabia

The Al-Hasa Natural Oasis is the largest in Saudi Arabia and Asia in general. The oasis can be found about 60 km away from the gulf of Persia or 40 miles away from the Arabian Gulf coast.

More than 60 artesian springs feed Al-Hasa Oasis, which covers about 30,000 acres. The oasis is a source of water to the millions of inhabitants who live in areas close to it as well as a source of irrigation to more than 3,000,000 date palms.