10 Hidden Gems of Scotland

Dec 26, 2016

Tartan, scotch, and bagpipes! Surely this conjures up one of the popularized images of Scotland that most of the world knows. That, or you think of Mel Gibson’s rendition of Braveheart, fighting for his freedom.

Scotland is not about the one and only Highlander nor Nessie but about fairy tale settings, miraculous beaches, jaw-dropping castles, and invigorating, artistic cities. These ten hidden gems of Scotland are proof that this is one land worth traveling to:

1 Kelburn Castle, North Aryshire

You might not believe that this house covered in graffiti art murals is actually a 13th-century relic that belonged to the Earl of Glasgow since the 1700s, but it is. The core of the castle is the original, but the façade got a major facelift in 2007.

Now it is a stunning work of art as well as a historical treasure. Around the grounds of the castle, you can go mountain biking and horseback riding. You even have opportunities for glamping, attending workshops, music festivals, and estate walks.