10 Fairly Tasty Foods to Boost Your Vaginal Health

Feb 9, 2016

Everything that you put in your body can either improve or ruin your health, which is why you should always monitor what you eat and drink. When it comes to vaginal health, certain foods must be included in your eating plan too.

All women have trouble with vaginal health at some point or another. Whether it is an irregular menstrual cycle, or a painful period, or various irritations, your eating plan might remove those issues from your life. Here are ten healthy foods that will help you boost your vaginal health.

1 Sweet potatoes

Whether baked, grilled, roasted, or mashed, sweet potatoes are super good for your vaginal health. Sweet potatoes are packed with vitamin A that helps to keep your vaginal and uterine walls healthy. The antioxidant found in sweet potatoes protects against free-radical damage and ensures the cells of your reproductive tract function properly.