9 Fun Bath Time Ideas for Toddlers

Aug 2, 2017

Bath time can be a great time for fun for little ones. It is a time of relaxing, playing and discovering new textures, concepts and sensations – from the slipperiness of a bar of soap, to its taste (not very good judging from most children’s expressions after taking a big bite!)

But not all kids enjoy bath time. In fact, it can be a major battle for some parents to get their grubby little angels into the tub at the end of the day. So here are nine suggestions for making bath time fun and tempting your toddler into the water.  

1 A themed bath

This is great for little ones who are afraid or nervous of the water. A wash and spa session with some of the favorite soft and plastic toys can do wonders. If teddy is having such a wonderful time getting hair and nails done, why would not Little Miss or Mr want to join the fun? Just be sure not to include that must have stuffed bedtime companion or there will be a soggy bed to contend with after, or tears.

2 Bath time paint

This is really easy to make and your little one will love it. They can paint the walls, the bath, and themselves. The bonus for you is they get clean at the same time – a double win.

Smiles all round for you and the bathroom Picasso. One tablespoon cornstarch, four to six pumps baby shampoo, two to three drops food coloring, one to two tsp water and voila! You have got bath paint that should wash off the tiles too.

3 Stacking cups and animals

An oldie, but a goody. Play a game of hide and seek with the smaller toys as you stack them inside the larger ones. The key here is to get involved in the play, help with the stacking and join in the fun.

4 A sensory experience

This is especially good for younger children. Include different textures in the bath that they can hold, or that can be used for wiping themselves down after an active and messy day. Soft flannels, slippery bars of soap, a gently inflated balloon, and spiky nail brushes – can all be added to the water to make bath time into discovery time.

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5 Hide and seek with the toys

For this you will need bubbles, or a variety of different sized sponges and wash cloths. Let your toddler hide the toys while you go seek – and remember it is a game so do not be too quick to find those cleverly hidden pirate ships and flippety fish. Suggesting crazy and impossible places that they may be hiding always gets a laugh – ‘Is pirate watching telly? Is he inside the loo?!’

6 Bubbles

Who doesn’t like a bubble bath? When you can use the bubbles to create a beard, a crazy hairstyle or a cake to share it becomes even more enticing. Some of the best bath time photos come from bubble baths and if you give yourself a bubble moustache your little one is sure to giggle along.

7 Bath time books

Children love being read to and there are a number of bath time books available, some with added squeaky noises and all to be read again and again. Why not make bath time story time too?

8 Bath time rock stars

Singing in the shower, singing in the bath, the acoustics of bathrooms bring out the rock star in everyone. Make up your own lyrics, sing nursery rhymes, use a brush as your microphone and get into the groove. Who cares if you sound like you are strangling a cat? Your toddler will love it, most want to join in too and next thing you know, bath time is a hit.

9 Role play

Get dolly swimming, tractor having a sponge down or the fishes washing their hair. Having toy characters do what your toddler fears, or even enjoying the things they do reassures them and builds their confidence to try the things they feel uncertain about. So wash that fish’s hair, give whale a scrub and let dolly go for a swim.

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Variety is the spice of life. Mix up the suggestions above and add your own dash of ideas. Keep a general routine to things – bath time after tea time, followed by bed, for instance. But most importantly, remember that bath time is just another play time for you and your toddler.