9 Fun Bath Time Ideas for Toddlers

Aug 2, 2017

Bath time can be a great time for fun for little ones. It is a time of relaxing, playing and discovering new textures, concepts and sensations – from the slipperiness of a bar of soap, to its taste (not very good judging from most children’s expressions after taking a big bite!)

But not all kids enjoy bath time. In fact, it can be a major battle for some parents to get their grubby little angels into the tub at the end of the day. So here are nine suggestions for making bath time fun and tempting your toddler into the water.  

1. A themed bath

This is great for little ones who are afraid or nervous of the water. A wash and spa session with some of the favorite soft and plastic toys can do wonders. If teddy is having such a wonderful time getting hair and nails done, why would not Little Miss or Mr want to join the fun? Just be sure not to include that must have stuffed bedtime companion or there will be a soggy bed to contend with after, or tears.

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