5 Practical Tips to Get Thicker Eyebrows

Dec 5, 2016

As beauty trends go, full brows have been high on our radar for some time now. Whether you have naturally sparse brows, or like me, you over-plucked in your teenage years, there are plenty of things to try.

For me, the nineties trend of super-skinny eyebrows lingered like a ‘beauty hangover’ for more than a decade. I used to lament how unfair it was. The body hair I didn’t want grew back all the time. But my brows, not at all.

For years I thought that I had just done too much damage and that had stopped them from growing. But then I came across some advice online, which I followed carefully for months, and eventually started to gain some regrowth. Here are five tips to break the bad-brow cycle and get your natural shape back.

1 Go cold turkey on the plucking

Yes, even just tidying up around the edges. No touching, I am serious. Let me explain why. For many years I wanted my eyebrows to be thicker. But because they were so skinny, any little bit of regrowth looked messy and as if it shouldn’t be there. So I plucked it away again and again.

What I did not grasp at the time was that these perceived ‘stray’ hairs I was plucking were actually my natural brows trying to regrow. And I was plucking them out.

When you first stop plucking it is going to feel very weird to you. But you do have to give your brows a chance to fill in again. It probably will not look like a nice natural brow shape at first. But just remember that this is a matter of your perception – it is in your head.

2 Mind the gap

While you are re-growing your brows, they will be patchy for a while. Not all the hair will come in at the same time. And as I said above, new growth will look out of place to you as you are used to having super-neat brows.

Use eyebrow makeup to fill in the gaps to get you through this period. It does take a lot of patience, but it is reassuring to be using makeup to help your brows rather than to replace them.

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3 Natural remedies

I had heard that Castor Oil had almost magical properties for hair re-growth, so I decided to try it for the first couple of months of my re-growth plan. The advice is to take your makeup off before bed and massage the oil into your brows. From personal experience, do not use too much oil or it runs into your eye – ouch!

4 See a beautician

A good beautician is like a fairy Godmother. They can give you expert advice on brow shaping, skincare, and of course, they can give you a little enhancement too. If you do not want to wait for re-growth, or just have naturally thin brows, then you might want to try a semi-permanent solution.

Techniques such as micro blading can give you semi-permanent color and shape on your skin. Eyebrow extensions are done by attaching tiny, hair-like fibers to your brows to thicken them. Although not the cheapest of solutions, they can give your brows a boost if you are in a hurry.

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5 Let it go

You will need to embrace letting your eyebrows do their thing. Stop trying to make them absolutely perfect, it ends up causing damage. No one’s face is symmetrical, and nobody wakes up magazine-cover ready. Be brave and consider this an exercise in acceptance.

Before I managed this, I had genuinely believed that my brows would not grow back. But I learned that I had been hampering their regrowth without even realizing it. So stay patient, girls.