12 Harmless Habits That Mow Down Your Immune System

Jun 2, 2021

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How often do you get sick? If it happens more than 2-3 times a year, your immune system is in danger. It means that your body has been weakened by various factors. Let’s try to handle the situation and understand what’s wrong. I’ve already experienced such a problem and did my best to dot the I’s and cross the T’s. A few years ago, I believed that it was better to be safe than sorry and tried to reduce the chances of getting ill. I did all the possible things to avoid overcooling and become healthier. Unfortunately, it only intensified the problem and lowered my body’s resistance to cold weather. A bit later, I understood that my good intentions and habits paved the way for a miserable life.

Good immune system is the key to your overall well-being and success. The body is a smart mechanism that can control and organize the effective functioning of its systems. It can defend itself against different viruses. A poor immune response is the result of a wrong lifestyle.

Today people tend to take serious preventive measures and protect themselves from diseases. It’s been proved that constant preventive measures make your immune system unable to defend the body against harmless bacteria. The human body can successfully reach thermal comfort in both hot and cold weather conditions.

There’s no need to wrap up well all the time because your body will lose its grip on its ability to cope with cold weather. I think that health problems are of current importance in the modern world. At first glance, these habits seem to be harmless, but you should make every effort to break this vicious circle.

1 Pessimistic mindset

It’s hard to believe, but the productivity of the immune system depends on your mindset. Psychologists state that the body’s mental health and physical health are closely interconnected. People who see the world in dark colors usually fall ill more frequently than optimists. Negative thoughts and lack of faith in their own abilities make them less resistant to stress and various diseases.

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Three years ago, I was a terrible pessimist. My head was overloaded with obsessive thoughts about my problems and symptoms. My hypochondriac’s state of mind significantly suppressed the effectiveness of my immunity system. Unfortunately, it made me get sick again and again. One day I decided to start thinking optimistically because I was sick and tired of hospitals.

If you’re facing the same problem, you should stop worrying about your health. Frankly speaking, you have nothing to lose. Do your best to become an optimist. It will increase the quality of your life and improve your physical and mental well-being.

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