Why and How I Keep Calm No Matter What Happens in My Life

May 8, 2023

It seems impossible to live in this crazy world without stress and worries. I think that stress is the main plague of the 21st century. Many people just underestimate the importance of this problem. They have already got used to stress and anger. They lose temper and control in everyday life situations. I’m not like everybody else, because I tend to define and solve my problems. As a sensitive human being, I can also worry and feel angry for no reason, but I understand that it’s pointless to kill my nerves and spoil my mood. I’ve set new priorities that help me cope with stress and cooperate with toxic people.

I’ve had a long term depression for many years. The main reason of my sufferings was my anger. I couldn’t control that destructive feeling. I’ve come a long way, trying to bounce back and become happy. I didn’t consult any doctor, because I tried to solve the issue with the help of my mind and I did it.

Now I find myself a strong and happy person that’s able to cooperate with society and keep calm even in extraordinary situations. My new rules and priorities defend me from stress, bad people and negative thoughts.

1 I’ve read dozens of books on stress

One day, my friend presented me with a wonderful book about subconscious mind by John Kehoe. That ingenious author changed my outlook at once. Moreover, I liked to read cognitive and useful literature by Dale Carnegie and Louise Hay. Their books opened my eyes and broadened my horizons. I realized many simple truths of life. I learned to love myself and treat this world with respect and patience. Furthermore, they taught me to be more resistant to stress. My famous Roman philosopher Cicero once said that the calmness of mind is the core of happiness. I do absolutely agree to his idea.

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2 My worries can’t change the situation

Do you believe that worries can change the situation for better? I think that they can only intensify the issue and do more harm to you and people around you. When I was a teenager, my life was full of tears and fears. I was afraid of public speaking and performances. I could spend a night thinking and worrying about the important event. The next morning I felt exhausted and a bit dispirited. Later I understood that worries just destroyed my nerves and made me physically and emotionally unable to put my best foot forward and elicit my potential. That’s why I decided to worry less, but take more actions in order to achieve more results. Only deeds can get things moving. Frankly speaking, it was difficult to come face to face with my fears, but the game was worth the candle. It’s wonderful to live without fears and anxiety.

3 Indifference is the best remedy

Total indifference to various problems and difficulties is the best therapy for me. When I have no ideas on how to handle the situation, I try to analyze everything and if nothing depends on me, I turn the mode of indifference on. It protects me from odd worries, because I stop thinking about the problem. The only exception is my family. I’m always ready to smash myself into a cake just to help my dearest and nearest.

Some of my colleagues say that indifference is the habit of irresponsible people. I believe that it’s the choice of wise people. I don’t want to waste my valuable time thinking and worrying about unnecessary things. If I’m sure that the issue is not a concern of mine, I forget about it and move on. My daddy said that if I can’t solve the problem, then I should change my attitude toward it. He told me that the issue would fade away.

4 I want to live longer

If I’m not mistaken, those who worry too much die more frequently or suffer from mental disorders their entire life. I decided to keep calm and smile as much as possible. Today, many scientists agree that laughter makes people live longer. Gloomy and angry people are more susceptible to different illnesses. They keep their feelings and emotions inside and see this world in dark colors.

It seems I’ll never go back to my old lifestyle, because life without worries is a majestic thing. Now I want to share my experience and inform people that it’s very easy to become a calm person. The main point is to muster up courage to overcome your principles and inner barriers which prevent you from positive changes and happiness.

5 I don’t argue with toxic people

One of the most dangerous things in this world is to argue with toxic people. I have no desire to prove them anything, because it takes me a lot of energy and nerves to communicate with people I don’t like. These people always make me furious. It often happens that toxic people can provoke good people to do something rush. It’s necessary to develop the strength to remain patient in various conflict situations.

If I have to deal with a toxic person, I try to fulfill my obligations and duties, but stay indifferent to them. This strategy helps me keep calm and avoid conflicts and problems at work. At first it was challenging to ignore toxic people, but later I got used to it. Moreover, I tend to stay away from liars since they exert negative influence on my mental well-being.

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6 Alcohol is not my choice

Alcohol can be both a friend and an enemy. Sometimes I can drink a glass of wine. It helps my mind and body relax after a long stressful day. I do it very rarely, because I think that exercise is the best way to be calm and forget about my problems and worries.

Unfortunately, many people have a tendency to reach the peace of mind and treat stress with the help of alcohol or medicines. I believe that alcohol provides temporary relief from problems. The next day after alcohol consumption human body experiences stress and overload, trying to self-purify. I know that hangover is very dangerous to my health and I know that there are many other effective ways to keep calm naturally, such as yoga and meditation.

7 I prefer to think like an optimist

Calmness and pessimism are two absolutely different concepts. Those people who focus only on negative thoughts will never find tranquility. Earlier I was a hopeless pessimist. My friends and my strong will power helped me become an optimist. It was difficult to get used to my new outlook, because my lifestyle didn’t correspond to my new way of thinking. Every time I started thinking about something bad, I called up my best friend. She seemed to be the most positive person on this planet. I’m very grateful to my friends for their support. They didn’t let me lose my way.

Calmness is a powerful thing. It can heal hearts and set us free from annoying people and their problems. I’ve worked my long way up through pessimism and depression to become a calm and reserved person. I want to advise sensitive and anxious people to read more psychological books concerning their problems and let a miracle enter their lives. I’m sure that communication with the best friends and active lifestyle are the key elements of success. Do you remain calm in hard situations?