How to Measure Bra Size

Are you treating your twins right? The statistics prove that most women wind up wearing the wrong bra size. According to Wikipedia, around 80–85% of women wear the wrong bra size, and the numbers are scary. As we age, our bodies change. Moreover, pregnancy and breast feeding often affect our bra sizes. This is why it is important that you measure your bra size each year or during your pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Sometimes we confuse uncomfortable old bras with uncomfortable new bras. The difference is evident. When you purchase a new bra and it feels uncomfortable, it means you need to measure your bra size once again. When you have been wearing the same bra for months or years, it may become uncomfortable and this is a sign you need to buy a new one.

Before you measure your bra

If you have trouble determining if your are wearing the wrong bra size, here are some red flags to watch out for:

  • You have pain from your bra
  • Your bands slide up or down
  • Your bra leaves marks on your body
  • You experience any kind of spillage
  • The cups crinkle and pucker
  • You have trouble with the straps
  • Your bra pulls out from your body
  • When you raise your arms, you have ‘underboob’ or ‘sideboob’
  • Your bra is on the tightest hook
  • If your bra is totally uncomfortable

Measuring your bra size

When you are wearing a bra that does not fit well, it is not easy to measure your bra size. It may take some time and effort to determine if your bra size is wrong or correct, but hopefully the infographic below will help you.

These are four steps that you should consider before going bra shopping. Finding a bra that fits properly is a challenge. Follow these steps and you are guaranteed to buy a bra that will make your body as well as clothes fit and look a lot better.

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There are many guides online to help you measure your bra size if you do not want to have it done professionally. Do your breasts a favor and purchase the correct bra size. They will be happy and healthy, not to mention they will be grateful for your choice. Some stores give women a free bra sizing, so if you still have no idea about your real bra size, head to one of them. Have any other tips or tricks? Feel free to share them with us.