Here Is Why Modern Parents Should Be More Strict

Dec 19, 2016

Parenting is not an easy job. It does not come with an instruction manual, so it is often a trial and error job. Parents learn how to be a parent as their children grow and experience life. Over the years, there have been many different philosophies on how to parent correctly. I have been a teacher for over 15 years and have seen many different types of parenting skills, and feel that parents nowadays should be more strict. Here is why.

1 Children need discipline

Discipline, according to its definition, involves training according to rules and regulations. It is how children learn what behavior is right and what is wrong within a family, and thus within a society. I often see some children who come to school and do not understand why they have to follow certain rules.

They do not see the importance of having peace and order within a community. They feel that they have a right to do whatever it is they wish, and because of that, there are consequences they do not seem to understand. Discipline helps children understand how a community works in harmony.

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2 … and boundaries

I have seen an influx of children who feel that everything is entitled to them. They feel that if they do not get what they want, then change needs to be made on the part of the adult, not themselves. I have seen parents outraged because their child is not allowed to do something they feel they have the right to do.

There has to be boundaries or otherwise society would be chaotic. If no one had boundaries, it would be an “anything goes mentality.” Parents need to set boundaries for their children so they understand that life is not all about getting whatever they want. There must be hard work, collaboration, and flexibility to succeed.

3 They should have respect for themselves and others

I have been shocked at the lack of respect I have seen lately. Not only is it evident in schools, we see it in society all the time. We often see it as a conflict between law enforcement and civilians. It seems that as we have become more of a self-centered society; the lack of respect for others has increased.

What happened to respecting others? What happened to people treating others how they would like to be treated? Parents who teach their children respect know that valuing others is important to a cohesive environment. It is vital to healthy relationships now and in the future.

Children who grow up in an environment where they have no discipline, no boundaries, and no respect for others are at a disadvantage. They do not learn that to be successful in life, these values are what make a community and society orderly.

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Without these values, we would see more chaos, selfishness, and out-of-control members of society. It is very important that parents understand that these values do not hurt their children. It is time that children are raised in a stricter home in order to become productive, successful adults later in life.