Is the Next App Taking the World by Storm

Nov 18, 2016

What do Dubsmash, Vine, Snapchat and all have in common? They are used religiously by 7 to 16-year-olds in America and are growing in popularity every day. If you do not recognize the latter,, do not worry, I will fill you in on the app that has the potential to be the next Snapchat.

What is the perk? is a free app for IOS and Android users. This app lets you make and share short 15-second videos of you and your friends lip-syncing to popular music and audio bites. Not only is it an app, is a massive social media network making it a great way for users to express themselves with music, dancing, humor and lip-syncing in a community environment.

It has an incredibly user-friendly format that has allowed the app to reach an audience as young as first-graders, a feat not easily accomplished. And so the potential for this app is astronomical as they have found a way to not only reach the younger generation but also give them a tool to generate fun and entertaining content easily on their own by providing them easy-to-use filters, controls and access to professional audio.

What parents should know

As always, safety is a concern when you have younger people exchanging information over the web with faceless users. You should definitely monitor your child’s usage and educate them on how to deal with the Internet predators and bullies. has a community of over 90 million users globally, so you can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of your pre-teen.

For more information on how you can monitor your child’s account and place limitations on who can see their profile, go to and read through their tips for parents of users.

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Business opportunities

Businesses also have an opportunity to capitalize on by using their platform. The app is garnishing tons of attention right now, so it would be a good investment to learn the way it operates and maximize its potential for your company.

As digital devices are being used by younger and younger ages, reaching this demographic will become more of a priority in the business world. Being the among the first to market to this segment could allow you to reap major rewards.

To sum it up, is a phenomenal app that has amassed a large and growing following by capitalizing on our innate desire and need to be creators. Last year, they had 10 million users and in as little as a year, they have jumped to more than 90 million without batting an eye.

So, chances are, this is not just a trend and the app is going to be around for a long time. My recommendation? Go ahead and jump on the bandwagon for yourself and you will quickly realize why millions of users can’t get enough of