7 Neon Colors to Rock All August Long

Oct 28, 2022

However sad it is, the fall season is approaching fast and we have only one month left of summer. If you are lucky enough to live in a country where summer never ends, you don’t have to worry about August at all. Anyway, the majority of women strive to make their last summer month bright and special – and what can be brighter than a neon dress? Neon colors are actually bold colors – shy girls stay away from them like from the plague. Challenge yourself this month by wearing a few (if not all) of these seven neon colors:

1 Neon yellow

Neon yellow tops the list because it’s a color of sun, fun, happiness and positivity. Every time you wear this color you show everyone that you are in a good mood and ready to tackle any difficulty with a smile on your face. If you think a neon yellow outfit is too much for you, consider buying a neon yellow nail polish. It’s a cheap and creative way to add more color to your everyday look.

2 Neon pink

Pink is a beautiful color itself, but neon pink is a breathtakingly beautiful color that every girl loves but isn’t brave enough to wear it. Neon pink dresses, skirts, shirts, shoes, jewelry, hats, bags and glasses are all perfect options. You will feel confident and stylish, and every guy will definitely notice you. If you are a shy girl who loves neon pink, you can gradually add a bit of this color to your look. Start with jewelry or belt. This may seem like a small thing, yet it makes an incredible difference in how you look.

3 Neon blue

Look for accessories in neon blue like hats, belts, bangles, and bags, or go bolder and wear an eye-catching neon blue maxi dress. They say, August is both happy and sad month. Wearing neon blue outfit or accessories each day is a surefire way to keep your mood on the highest level. Check it out, if you don’t believe me, and let me know your results.

4 Neon red

Neon red is a color of passion, happiness and love. It’s a perfect color for date and beach time. Women who wear neon red radiate killer confidence, positivity and passionate love. Most women opt for red dresses to attract men’s attention. If you are single, rock neon red all August long to find your love. Besides, neon red lipstick can do the trick too.

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5 Neon green

Who said neon green for spring only? You can rock neon green in August too. Be it a neon green oversized T-shirt or a neon green maxi dress, you will look fantastic regardless of the weather. A neon green swimsuit will astonish everyone at the beach. No matter what you choose, wear it with confidence all August long.

6 Neon coral

Experimenting with neon colors is never boring. If you don’t want to make any drastic changes in your August wardrobe, you can simply improve your favorite colors. For example, if you often wear coral outfit, try wearing neon coral instead. It will help you create a fresh look in a matter of several minutes.

7 Neon orange

If neon red and neon pink aren’t your favorite colors, opt for neon orange. This color isn’t as bold as neon red yet it looks amazing on every woman. Moreover, this neon color looks awesome with naturally dark skin and a tan. If you’re going to wear a neon orange dress, don’t hide your fabulous body in loose-fitted long dresses – opt for shorter instead.

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Neon colors can add brightness and happiness to your August wardrobe in a jiff. Experiment with the shades of neon to create new looks each day and maybe you will want to wear them all year long. Adding a touch of bold colors to your look and life isn’t tricky after all, so why not do it? Are you a huge fan of neon colors? Is August your favorite summer month?