Jul 28, 2015

However sad it is, the fall season is approaching fast and we have only one month left of summer. If you are lucky enough to live in a country where summer never ends, you don’t have to worry about August at all. Anyway, the majority of women strive to make their last summer month bright and special – and what can be brighter than a neon dress? Neon colors are actually bold colors – shy girls stay away from them like from the plague. Challenge yourself this month by wearing a few (if not all) of these seven neon colors:

1. Neon yellow

Neon yellow tops the list because it’s a color of sun, fun, happiness and positivity. Every time you wear this color you show everyone that you are in a good mood and ready to tackle any difficulty with a smile on your face. If you think a neon yellow outfit is too much for you, consider buying a neon yellow nail polish. It’s a cheap and creative way to add more color to your everyday look.

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