My Week Is Colorful: 7 Days – 7 Colors

Recently I`ve noticed that every day of the week has its own color in my mind. The reasons are different. Some colors define the intensity of the day, while others show my mood. When I asked some of my friends and family members if they felt the same thing, they said yes. Not only did it make me realize that I`m not mentally ill but also showed an interesting psychological method people use to describe their every single day and give it a kind of spiritual characteristic. Here’s why my week is colorful and how I feel about that.

Monday: White

Every week starts with the white Monday in my mind. Why is it white? Because, the beginning is like a blank piece of paper where you can picture anything you want. It`s a start, see? The other reason is that, as we all know, Monday isn`t the funniest day of the week and almost everyone is down in the mouth. It`s pure, it`s free from anything that can prevent me from doing anything except my work only. I don’t hate Mondays, but it’s not my favorite day of the week.

Tuesday: Light Gray

My Tuesdays are associated with light gray. As you might have already guessed, Tuesday is also not as joyful as Monday. However, it`s more interesting than the first day of the week, which is why Tuesday isn`t white but gray. It means that the blank paper starts getting some colors on it. However, the second day is also the beginning so it`s not as colorful as the next one.

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Wednesday: Red

Why red? Because Wednesday is the middle, and probably the most intensive day of my week. I keep working with more and more power. When the working day is over, as a rule, I don`t go home to just eat, relax and do nothing. On Wednesday my soul mate and usually meet our friends and have fun together so this day is more saturated with various activities. I`m inspired and ready for more than on Monday and Tuesday. Red is a passionate color as well, and I can surely say that my Wednesdays are the most comfortable time to reveal my passion for everything I`m interested in.

Thursday: Dark Gray

The penultimate day of my work week is dark gray. However, if you think that Friday is white, you`re wrong. The colors of my week and my friends` week are completely different and have no sequence or regularity. Thursday is dark gray because it shows a tension before tomorrow but it`s not all yet. It also characterizes my state of mind that suffers from the difficult tasks and expects Friday.

Friday: Brown

This day is amazing so I couldn`t realize why this very color defines my end of working week. My Friday is brown because it`s something opposite to Monday. I know what you want to say – black is opposite to white and you`re right. But my inner world is probably more optimistic so the color that defines a giant flow of wonderful emotions in my mind is brown. This color shows that this day is full of things that are interesting and exciting to me.

Saturday: Green

Green is my favorite color. Same goes about Saturday as it`s my favorite day of the week. It gives a false sense of vacation because you`re free today and will be free tomorrow too. The main thing is to be busy enough to avoid thinking about what will wait for you the day after tomorrow. Green color helps people relax and get rid of stress. I feel awesome on Saturday and green color proves it perfectly.

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Sunday: Bright Orange

The last day of the week is orange. It`s bright and juicy. As the weekend comes to its end, I try to do everything I didn`t do on Saturday thus this day is full of rush and fun. I try to think more positively because I know that thinking about a tough tomorrow is a killing thing that brings noting good into my life. I`ve noticed that Sunday evening is the best time to have a open-minded, friendly talk with a person close to you.

Everyone has its own colors of the week. These are my colors. What are your colors of the week? It’s crucial that at least one day has a bright color, especially during the fall season. Positivity breeds positive thoughts and positive results of the day.