7 Policies Companies Should Eliminate in 2017

Nov 11, 2016

The ways companies handle their employees have been pretty much the same for decades now despite the fact that society and people are ever evolving. Thankfully, some employers have realized the need to keep up with the times so they are slowly starting to adapt Human Resource policies to reflect today’s culture. However, there are still quite a few policies that are stuck in the stone age that need to be changed as of yesterday.

1 Unpaid leave

We understand that employers can’t and should not pay for every employee to have limitless days of paid leave. However, if one of your good workers has used up all of their paid leave but they still need to take a personal day for illness or other reasons, do not penalize them for living in the real world. Sure, do not pay them for the day off, but let them deal whatever it is and be able to return to work without a problem.

2 Co-worker rankings

Some companies have a horrible practice of ranking their employees and releasing the results. While some healthy competition is a good thing, pitting co-workers against each other is just asking for trouble and backstabbing.

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3 Internal transfers

Allow your employees to request internal transfers without having to talk to their managers for permission. Think about how awkward that is for everyone involved. Besides, you do not have to talk to your boss before applying for a job outside of the company, so do not give them a reason to do it. Instead, give them a means to move internally without added stress.

4 Harsh dress codes

I get that you want your employees to look their best but instead of telling them how to tuck in their shirts or tie their shoes, try giving a general standard such as “business casual.” You may have to talk to a frumpy employee every now and then, but you will also let your responsible employees breathe a little easier around the collar.

5 Proof of death

When an employee is grieving a loved one, the last thing you should make them do is prove that they attended a funeral to miss work. Take their word for it if at all possible. Granted, if they attend their grandmother’s funeral three times in a year – you may have reason to question the validity of their absence.

6 Salary worker abuse

We have all seen the salaried employees working on projects late into the night and taking calls on the weekends. We have also seen the same employees get thrashed for being a few minutes late getting to work the next day. Show them some grace and let them take a few more minutes in the morning if they need it.

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7 No flextime

If you have employees that can come into work, get their job done to the level of quality expected and still have time to spare – why not let them work flexible hours that make more sense for their life? Flextime has been a huge success for some of the major companies that attract top talent because employees feel appreciated and seen.

They say, rules exist to be broken and this is especially important in the corporate world. Depending on where you live, breaking these company rules can significantly improve your career life, but again it all depends on your boss. Be wise when applying for a job in 2017.